Fourth Question & Answer (Part 04)

Dawah & Tabligh, Islamic Politics (Al-Eitidal fi Maratib ul Rijal) / Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Why this oppression?
At this moment we are protesting against the persecution and oppression of the British colonial power in
At the same time we fear even more the future government that will take over (from them.) Did not
Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) warn us about this? Did he not in very clear terms explain to us the
causes of such goverments and actions? Is there any fault in the affectionate love, teachings and warnings of
Sayyidina Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam)?
May my soul, my father and my mother he sacrificed for him!! Never is it possible that there can be any flaw
in his teachings!
He said:
“As you are (as far as your actions are) so will be the rulers that will soon be set over you.” (Mishkat)

Therefore if we desire the best (and most just) government to rule over us, there will be only one way of
assuring that. And that is righteous deeds.
In a second Hadeeth it is reported: Abu Darda (Radiallahu anhu) reports that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi
Wasallam) said: ¡°Allah says: I am Allah besides whom there is no Diety, the Master of Kings, King of Kings.
Verily the hearts of kings are under the control of My Hands. When My servants obey me, I turn the hearts of
kings and rulers towards them so that they rule over them with mercy and kindness and when My servants
disobey Me, I turn the hearts of kings and rulers to treat them harshly, with anger and vengeance. Thereby
they mete out torture and oppression. Hence do not occupy yourselves with praying for curses upon kings
and instead turn to Me in remembrance and with humility. And I will preserve you against the tyranny of the
Malik bin Maghool says: ¡°I have read a verse similar to this in the Zaboor of Nabi Dawood (Alayhis
Similar guidance is also given in many similar Ahaadeeth. Among the masnoon duaas to be recited is this:
¡°0 Allah, do not because of our sins place in authority to rule over us such as will not show any mercy to
In the Holy Quran Allah says:
¡°And so We let some of the evil doers have authority over others because of that which they earn.¡± (SVI v30)
There are various explanations given by the Commentators (Mufassireen) on this verse. Jalalain
(Rahimahumullah) says it means exactly as we explained above (viz that harsh rulers are placed over people
because of the sins of those people). Imam Qatadah (Rahmatullah Alayh) says that evil jinns are placed over
them to chastise the wrong-doers.
Imam A.mash (Rahmatullah Alayh) again says it means that when the deeds of people become bad, the worst
of cruel and unjust rulers are made to rule over them.
Sayyidina Umar (Radiallahu anhu) says: ¡°I have been told that either Nabi Moosa or Nabi Eesa once asked
Allah: ¡°What is the sign of Your being pleased with people?¡±

Allah replied: ¡°The sign is that at the time of their sowing the fields I send the rains and at the time of
harvesting I keep the rains away. Their administrative affairs I place in the hands of soft-hearted people and
their public finances I allow to be controlled by generous ones.¡±
They then inquired: ¡°And what is the sign of Your being displeased with people?¡±
Allah replied: ¡°The sign is that at the time of sowing the fields I withhold the rains and at the time of harvest
I send torrential rains. Their administrative affairs I place in the hands of the foolish ones and their public
finances I allow to be controlled by stingy persons.¡± (Durr Manthoor)
Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: ¡°You people should continue to enjoin people towards the
doing of righteous deeds and you should continue to prohibit them from evil; otherwise Allah will put into
authority over you the worst of people to rule over you. At such time the best from among you will pray to
Allah (for deliverance) and your prayers will go unanswered…. (Jami-us-Sagheer)
Often we feel this doubt within ourselves: Conditions are bad. Why do not the saintly ones (whose prayers
are supposed to be answered) pray for deliverance? People who have these doubts should look at themselves
and ask themselves how much of enjoining towards good and prohibiting from evil do they perform? When
this important duty has been neglected it is no use hopirig for even their prayers to be answered.
In one Hadeeth it has been said:
¡°When Allah desires the well-being of a nation, He appoints tolerant good- natured rulers over them. The
learned scholars (Ulema) judge their cases (justly and with knowledge). And their wealth lies in the hands of
the generous ones (so that all benefit through their generosity). And when Allah desires bad for a nation
(because of their iniquity) He appoints fools to rule over them, their ignorant ones judge their cases and their
wealth lies in the hands of the stingy ones…
According to another Hadeeth it is said:
¡°When Allah is angry with a people and the ultimate extreme punishment like the earth caving in upon them,
or transfiguration of men into animal does not descend upon them, he causes prices (of commodities) to rise
high and rains to be withheld from them and the worst of people are made to rule over them.¡±
According to another Hadeeth reported by Jabir (Radiallahu anhu):
Verily Allah says: ¡°I take revenge against those who have earned my anger and then I shall cast them all
into hell.¡± (Tabrani)

For this reason it has been stated in another Hadeeth:
“Do not curse or swear the rulers. Instead pray to Allah for their goodness for indeed their goodness is their
well-being.” (Tabrani)
This Hadeeth indicates that abusing, swearing and cursing the rulers is not going to improve them.
In another Hadeeth we are told:
“Do not occupy your hearts showering abuse on the rulers and kings. instead draw near to Allah in prayers
for them. Perchance Allah will cause their hearts to turn in kindness towards you.” (Jami)
Makki Bin Ibrahim (Rahmatullah Alayh) says:
“While we were sitting in the company of Ibn „Aun the people started to discuss and abuse Bilal bin Abi
Burdah. Ibn „Aun remained silent. They said to him: “It is because of you that we are abusing and reviling
him because of the fact that he had treated you badly.”
Ibn „Aun replied:
“Every single word of mine becomes registered in my book of deeds. Surely on the Day of Judgement those
deeds will be read out. I so much more prefer that instead of abuse against another in my book, much Zikr of
La Ilaha Iilallah should be registered therein on that day.” (IHYA)
Once in the presence of a saintly man someone cursed Hajjaaj the great tyrant. The saint said: “Do not do
that. What happens now is because of your own actions. I fear the possibility that in the event of Hajjaaj
being dismissed from office or in the event of his death, monkeys or swine may be made to rule over you.”
There is a famous proverb in Arabic:
„Your deeds are your rulers.‟
In other words: As your deeds are, so too will be your rulers.

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