Financing the Jihad Part 2

Jihad, Understanding Jihad (The Mujahid's Guide) / Friday, June 25th, 2010

The drive for funds ought not to be pursued with undignified and devious means. Such abominable practices will harm the reputation of the Jihad and the Mujahideen enormously and such a practice would be counterproductive.

The definition of dignity could not be rigidly defined. Thus it should be left to different areas, to use the dignified means according to their own environment and circumstances. Some devotees of Allah Ta`ala are so pious and generous that they consider such fund raising efforts in the Path of Allah Ta`ala, with great respect and gratitude. To knock on such people’s door could not be defined as “undignified”. Allah’s Last Rasool SallalLahu-`alayhi Wasallam himself has announced for the contribution to the Jihad resources, in the Masjid ul Nabawi and Allah’s Last Rasool SallalLahu-`alayhi Wasallam has also spread the sheet on the ground.

But if the conduct of the contributor is demeaning, then it would be undignified to visit such people, as it will harm the good reputation of the Jihad.

In the acquisition of the financial resources, we have limited military and non-military means, which include spoils of war and other methods.

The second principle is the protection and safeguarding of the financial resources. If the funds are assigned for expenditure before its actual accumulation, or they are utilised as soon as they are available, then it will cause difficulties in the time of urgent need for the financial assistance, which would result in abandoning or postponing some important plans. Therefore an attempt ought to be made to invest the available finances in some sound and profitable ventures and businesses with a minimum risk of losses. If a policy of putting aside a small part of the available funds, as future capital savings is pursued then Insha-Allah, the Movements would become self-sufficient in financing any future organisational and other expenditures and the steady flow of the income will become a spring board for expanding the activities of the Jihad.

The last but the most important factor is piety and the apprehension of the Displeasure of Allah Ta`ala . Raising of funds, the protection, the expenditure, the investment, the book keeping and the accounting and every sphere of financial responsibilities depends on the piety and the apprehension of the Displeasure of Allah Ta`ala of the personnel of this department. Every penny should be accounted for. The records of income and expenditure are separately kept, and maintained up-to-date. Different categories of financial resources are strictly used according to the designated category. Specially great care need to be taken for the funds received as the Zakaat and the Sadaqaat. The funds ought to be used strictly according to the need and a stringent check ought to be made upon the wastage. Everyone in the organisation, from the top to the bottom ought to be made aware of keeping the accounts and no one ought to be granted any fund without the accounts.

Demand for the expenses account ought to be made politely, but no one should be exempted, even when a person’s honesty and piety is well known. Because if once the accounting scrutiny is lifted from such honest people, it would be difficult to demand the expenses sheet from others.

In the humble opinion of the author the waiving of the presentation of the expenses account from the pious people does not demonstrate any respect for them, but a mockery of their piety and honesty. Such a procedure might be an invitation to dishonesty and fraud. Probably they might not fall for it, but on the other hand they might.

The head of the Department of Finance with the help of the Department of Propagation & Information ought to issue two kinds of literature regularly. The first ought to be the compilation of the virtues of providing finances to the Jihad, according to the Holy Quraan and the Revered Sunnah, as the majority of Muslims are unaware of these virtues, or they have been misrepresented to the Ummah, thus the Muslims are deprived of their participation in this obligatory cause. The contribution in the Jihad, entails the greatest reward from Allah Ta`ala.

The other booklet ought to consist of the Kuffaar threatening plans and intentions, against the Muslims and the need for the Jihad, so the Ummah realises the importance of their participation in the Jihad Fund. In addition to this, these booklets should also contain the facts and figures of the Mujahideen’s expenses in detail.

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