Financing the Jihad Part 1

Jihad, Understanding Jihad (The Mujahid's Guide) / Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

The virtues of providing financial support to the Mujahideen abounds in the Holy Quraan and the Revered Sunnah. And the virtues of spending in the Jihad and the Thawab of such spending and the admonition for those who do not participate in such a virtuous deed, also abound in the Holy Quraan and the Revered Sunnah.

The need for financial resources is as important in the Jihad as for the need for manpower. Therefore the Jihad organisations ought to establish a substantial and sound Financial Department, taking into full account the prevailing situation.

Not long ago when the Jihad was on the lips of every Muslim and the Mujahideen were the most honoured and revered members of the Islamic society and to provide financial assistance for the Jihad was considered as an act of devotion, but now the situation has changed considerably. Nowadays very few people understand the Jihad and due to the ill-repute of politics, the Jihad Movements have been erroneously not given the fullest support it deserves. Materialism has taken its evil roots into the fabric of the Muslim societies, which has resulted in hoarding and hiding of one’s wealth in the safe havens instead of spending it in the worthy and virtuous causes. The absence of any truly Islamic State and government or the Khilafah, has put all the heavy load of providing financial resources to few pious wealthy Muslims, whom Allah Ta`ala has not only bestowed the most important gift of Imaan, but also the special gift of generosity.

These are the scarce resources for the financing of the Jihad.

On the other hand, the back breaking expenses of the Jihad are on the increase day by day, because due to the indifference of Muslims, the enemy has amassed a formidable military force. To confront these massive and powerful military forces is a monumental task and requires huge resources. Beyond any doubt, until now the frail and bare handed Mujahideen have confronted the many a time more powerful and innumerably superior enemies in every front and Alhamdulillah the Mujahideen are gaining the upper hand day by day. But still the acute need for resources could not be ignored.

Presently even the daily budget of the smallest army is greater than the yearly budgets of other religious works. Thus the need for a sound and solid financial base is essential for the successful outcome of the Jihad Movements and if due to the lack of resources, the supplies and the armaments, do not reach the front line Mujahideen in time, then the Mujahideen will fall into the hands of the enemy and the whole Muslim Ummah will suffer the consequences for many centuries.

In order to establish a sound and powerful financial wing for the Jihad, the following points ought to be observed.

The foundation of the finance department

This department should be cohesive and affective from the onset. It requires honest, perceptive, able and a highly skilled work force selected from the Mujahideen only.

The basic principles of the finance department are: 1. Dignity. 2. Protection. 3. Piety.

Dignity: The procurement of the financial resources ought to be obtained and collected by dignified means only.

Protection: For the protection of the acquired financial fund and resources a permanent system of accountability and checks ought to be in operation and a strategy for the increase of this fund ought to be carefully devised.

Piety: The expenditure of this fund ought to be based upon, the piety and the apprehension of Allah’s Displeasure.

These three principles individually and collectively are the most important.

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