Beliefs & Practices, Live like brothers Deal like strangers / Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Furthermore, if any of the partners will be doing more work than the others, it should be established as to whether he would be doing this extra work on a voluntary basis, or will he be compensated for the extra work. If he will be compensated, will it be in the form of an increased share in the profits, or will it be in the form of a specific amount of salary? In short, every aspect pertaining to the duties and rights of each partner must be clearly written down so that no ambiguity remains.

If these aspects have not yet been determined and clarified in any business, it should be done as a matter of absolute urgency. Shyness or embarrassment of any sort should not become an obstacle, nor should one be concerned of any taunts or criticism in this regard. It is a great deception to regard the clarifying of our monetary matters as contrary to love and unity. Rather, the maintaining of love and unity is totally dependent on this clarification. Failure to do so could result in this superficial love and unity becoming a means of enmity and hatred in the future.

Thus the teaching of our beautiful Deen is: “LIVE LIKE BROTHERS — DEAL LIKE STRANGERS”.

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