Evil Disguised in Goodness

Beliefs & Practices, In the Name of Love / Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Evil is being presented before us as a thing of marvel and delight. Indecency is presented in a striking manner and we are told that it is freedom, it is entertainment, it is happiness. Love flourishes due to this and comfort is found in it.

Alas! Nothing of this is true! In fact it is due to this only that homes are broken, children get ruined, Haya goes away, youth gets strained by fulfilment of the lustful desires, chastity of daughters gets lost, sons cuts off relations from the fathers, and daughters do not remain loyal to their own mothers. The family system gets broken into pieces.

In a country where there is no accountability to law, where there is no justice anymore and God forbidding, the natives of this nation also become characterless, then who can protect such a country. Then there won’t be any limit to the rate of crimes. There won’t be any such thing as peace and tranquillity. There will be no security of life, dignity and honour in such a state.

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