Duas, Remedies from Holy Quran / Saturday, September 4th, 2010


If anyone recites Aayatul Kursi (2:255) once after every prayer, Allah will protect him against the mischief of evil men and Jinn. In fact, according to a Hadith, Satan acknowledged his inability to harm a person who recites Aayatul Kursi continuously.


If the last two Surah of the Holy Quraan, viz Suratul-Falaq (113) and Suratul-Naas (114) are recited for protection against sickness, sorcery (Jaadoo), Nazar etc. one should find it very beneficial. If anyone recites them before going to his bed, he will afford security and protection against all calamities.


  1. Salamualaikum,
    please i really want an assistance from this organisation.i have been looking for transfer from my current place of work to another station in the same organisation,please could you assist me with a specific prayer on transfer?.pls am despirate to leave my current place to our head office.ihave been praying but i know ALLAH will answer my prayer one day.pls help me pray.


  2. salam i have been in europe for the psat 10years,even since am still make bad dream and fighting always in my dream pls kindly help me with prayer thati can use to say my self masalam

  3. Salam.it rally helped me.
    please, please, can you put some dua that protect your house from evl etc.

  4. Please i need an asistance ..some cultist are after my life .in after attacking me around novemer this year and i reported the ammter to the school authority and the school is treatning to return them back.i have told the school before nw that i have forgiven them so they should forget the case..if they r free from the school and the school did not return them ..let the pls stay very far away from me because i’ve been scared hidding from my own house over five days nw and i still have two years to round up my studies.i need Allah to intervein in this matter i can’t move around am so scared of my life ..because my kids are still very young..one is 11years and the youngest is just 5years old .pls help me in prayer so i can be free and stop been afraid of them.

  5. Salamualaikum I have save my brother for past 4years and anytime i asked him to help me established he will not mine he used me like a donkey and he trust me to because he lives his money to me and any amount he give to me i never touch it until resint. money was paid to me to give to him about four thousand dollars and i invest it by telling him that i was attack by arm rubber and he said he will make me mad if i didn’t proved the money in les than 30 days because he went and see black magic people and they say the money is with me, i am afraid and moved out of the house what should i do.

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