1. Good marriages require patience, kindness, humility, sacrifice, empathy, love, understanding, forgiveness, and hard work. Following these principles should help any marriage to improve. The essence of them all can be summed up in one sentence:… Always treat your spouse the way you would like to be treated…. If you follow this rule, your marriage will have a much greater chance for success. If you discard this rule, failure is just around the corner.

  2. My husband has been cheating on me he has been been sleeping with prostituts since 2008. I never suspected on him before but now I found out from his phone girls telling him to come my son new but was afraid thinking well seperate so he kept quite its gone to far he tells the kid don’t tell anything to mum shell fight I’ve seen maulana but no good he just told me to pray pliz help me to stop him from doing zinnah n he comes back to us

  3. Pliz give some dua my husband doing zinna cheating behind my back sleeping with prostitutes tells me I’m not good n sick all the time not happy at home with me n kids but he keeps lying to me

  4. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. About a year ago I my partner split up, we had both made BIG mistakes in our relationship. He ended up moving away from me to pursue a new life. I knew in my heart that he would be the only one to make me happy. I was relieved when I found your email on a site about what you have done. I requested 1 to 2 day casting of the reunite us love spell and within 4days mark company had relocated him back to our hometown where I still lived. We immediately reconnected and move in with each other. Our wedding date is set for (OCT 2013) Expect to see your invite in the mail thanks to yekinipoweroflovetemple@hotmail.c

  5. aoa.mera masla yeh hai k mry bhai aksar raat ko ghar nhy aty aur buri company me behty rhty hai aur agr ghar ka kaho tu khty hai k mera dil nhy krta ghar any ko.aur ghar me har time kisi na kisi baat se larai jaghra rhta hai plz koi asa wazeefa btaye k jis se bhai ghar aye kry aur hum sub salook itfaq say rahy.plz help repling me on my email id in detail.

  6. My husband interested in young girls n woman doesn’t want to stay with me doesn’t care about the kids but keeps looking at young girls n tells me his young I’m old

  7. My husband doesnt loves me we both r leaving seperate since 4 months n he neither calls me nor he comes to meet me we have very cute baby boy of 7 months bt he doesn’t even come for him it was our love marriage bt because of my mother in law it all went worse can u pls help me wid dua to get back his unconditional love n also I doubt dat he is victim of magic can u pls help me wid dua for cure of it I do nt want to loose him can u pls help me
    Vl b waiting for mail thank you

  8. Hi I am doing tasbeeh of Al Maniu to resolve dispute between my husband and want to make his heart soft and create love for me.He’s not talking to me at all and I have tried all sorts of communications to talk to him but he’s on a ingnorance ego trip.I am praying that Allah creates passionate love in his heart for me that he turns towards me again with all love and affection.Kindly advise me any surah or advice if tasbeeh of Alwali is for women or no?
    I am sure my husband has stopped praying and am the only one who’s praying for us to betogether. Do pray for our happy life and that he turns back to me with love and kindness.I will be waiting on your reply.
    Kindly advise any surah or tasbeeh which can melt my husband’s heart and clear all doubts from his heart for me


  9. Dear Sir.
    I want a dua or wazeefa for my husbands emmense love for me and no other women should come in his life for ever

  10. To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return. This is indeed a great calamity for the ummah to have to witness these forms of bida’a being spread amongst the muslims.

    Ok one of the sisters spoke about love spell and in reality this is sehr (magic) which is haram and performing this would take one out of the fold of islam. The matter is more serious than the other information displayed.

    To my sisters who are going through hardship with their husbands, make dua’a… get up in the middle of the night and beg Allah to relieve your situation and guide your husband and ask Allah to protect your marriage. This whole wadhefa business of wishing and making specific action and attributing it to relieving your distress has no basis whatsoever in our deen.
    make dua’a and especially in times when it is accepted in-sha Allah which we can increase in making dua’a such us when it rains, at a certain time in jumua’a e.t.c…

    does your husband pray?

    make taubah/ istighfar and seek help from Allah alone to ease your affairs.

    if you feel that there is sehr , do the ruqya which contains no shirk. read al baqara in the house frequently, 3 days should not pass without its recitation in order for the shayateen not to be inside -but also u should not have pictures hanging and any idols/statues, church bells, dogs in the house, and you should constantly read quran, make dua , pray on time e.t.c.

    if you have to seek advice, seek from one who is trustworthy and knowledgeable who will advise you in accordance with quran and sunnah

    brs and srs should be careful linking people to websites which are full of misguidance

    we seek refuge with Allah against misguidance

  11. Plz brother and sister help me me and my husband are a big problem he was mad at me and go her sis home I need him come back to me I don’t want him keep going her sis home plz he me and make dua for me now

  12. i have a problem i love someone and we are about to get married he was married before i feel that he still has feeling for her as he will look for her in events that she attends looks at her account on fb always and once i was asleep my mistake he called me by her name so these things make me fell that he still loves her i have spoken to him about this before he says he doesnt feel anything for her i want to know is there any dua i can recite to make him completely forget about his ex wife please help me
    thank you

  13. Whoever,Assallamu Allaikkum
    I am married person since 4 yrs.recently my wife had asked me permission to go her house.i permitted.after two days she answered my phone and in my absence she decided to break up the relation.is it allowable?she is in a stage forcing me and my family to get divorce without any reason.me myself, my parents,her parents asked for reasons for this decision.she answered everything she informed me,which is not in my knowledge.we all r trying for rejoining.but she is acting nervously like replying without her permission nobody can take or in otherwise her dead body only can be taken.etc… Like that.what I have do on this situation? Where she is not cooperating even with her parents as well as my family.no issues between me and my wife.
    Can you please guide me what I have to do to bring her to my life and avoid divorce as she desire!

  14. Dear my husband love me vey much our love marriage but arrange by parents my husband father agreed for our marriage but later he told me that he agree just for son other wise his son not live with I’m me supersize but time pass as he wants always me and my husband seperate but due to kids me just pass time but one day he came home with his planning and started fight and then asked his son my husband to divorces me or out house with kids . He beat me a lot and said go with kids but me not leave house then I don,toknow how I got courrage I said you leave my house and he gone but my husband now daily said I donot love you. You leave this house or go you not my wife but when he need sexual need he call me but he also have affair with offices order me with kids two doughter and son what can I do I have no parents both in heaven I pray not five times but try my best to complete my five pray but due to this tension not able to do this now you tell me what I do to get my husband back .

  15. Hi Friends,
    I would like to help all the people who are disurbed bcoz of getting seperated from their loved ones.Plz recite AL HAKKO YA BASITO as much as possible.Thanks and pray for me too

  16. Asalam alaikum Faiza I liked the posts that you have commented on. I need help and advice or any wazifa to do for my husband. He is in living abroad and my visa is applied which will take time for me to go to him. I have noticed when he was with me he looks alot to other non mehram either online or in person. I will appreciate to know some dua or wazaif to blow it on my husband by living away so he doesnt get misguided and any woman can be insecured by a man by that behaviour. Please help in this context.

  17. As-salam walaikum All,

    Mereliye aap please duwa karo so that my marriage and ghar get saved

    My name is Ghouse khan, i am married last year 2015, April 2 with Sheena Mohammed resident of Maharashtra. Her uncle is in Aakiveedu(Andhra pradesh) and currently she is staying in aakiveedu in her uncle home.

    I am working in bangalore as a software engineer, My wife lived with me 3 months in bangalore, just once small husband and wife discussion taken place. For that my wife parents came to bangalore and rudely behaved with me and taken my wife with them by saying they want to break my marriage.

    That girl is Foreign return she think big and her parents without settling matter in good way they also rudely behaved and whatever my wife had love for me they taken out that and now making her to go for khula.

    I love my wife so much, please help me, Her parents are making her to take khula and that girl also telling me now she dont like me after lived married life with me and want to go for khula only.

    Please aap sab meri madath kijiye, thalaq bahuth bada guna hai in Quran without any lawful reason, my wife and her parents follow foreign culture and breaking my home.

    I have seen so many of dreams with that girl to live my life with her. I am from one middle class family. They are not listening me to don’t make far my wife from me. Since one year my wife parents wouldnt allowed me to see her face and call to her also.

    Next week 27-08-2016, in (Eluru)Ellore Government Qazi office(Andhra pradesh) they are going for khula and called me,please madath kijiye meri, you are all going to visit Allah’s kaba kindly duwa for my joda salamathi and nikha. I dont want to accept divorce because i have not done any big mistake and they are simply leaving me.

    My wife parents dont follow islam hence doing this much of big guna(sin)

    I dont have more time with me, you are all muslim and Allah waale and follower of nabi Muhammad(pbuh) hence i would like to request you pray for me so that my wife love and come back to my home.

    Main ek namazi hun aur Allah waala and follower of nabi Muhammad(pbuh)

    Sir please help to me, meri wife meri izzath hai, she is my respect.
    my mobile number is 7411582265.

    Darkhasth for Duwa – Mereliye duwa kijiye – mera ghar aur nikha baaqee rehney ke liye

    La-ilaaha illal laha muhammadur rasoolillaha sollellahu alaihi wa salam.

  18. Asalam Alakum. My husband left me and I have 3 kids. He said he doesn’t love me but that I can only be his best friend.Also there is another woman in his life. He says he doesn’t love her but he meets her and he enjoys his time with her way too much. He woks at a deputy head at a school but he comes home late somtimes, usually on fridays when he comes home later than usual. I am doing everything I can for him and my husband said that the woman is going in July nut I don’t know if he telling the truth. I just want my husband back and for him to love me again. Please could I have a dua, as this is a really hard time in my life?

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