1. please sent me a dua for love and to get marriage. i have a partner but our relationship is getting long. i would like to marry him but things are not going well. please i need a dua. thanks

  2. mujay aik larkaay se pyar hai per mai koi khalt kam nahi krna chahti or wo mujay force karta hai maire kazoore hai k mai us se bat kie baghair nahe raah sakti na rahna chahti hn hamare bat meanz wo mara mangaiter hai per mujay khalt kam pasand nahe ALLAH se dar lagta hai kia us ki bat manna jaiz hai

  3. The is something I have tried and tested and Allah always listens. For this wazeefaa you have to say your 5 time namaz regularly. after Zuhar or Isha once a day, read “YA HASEEBU” 1000 times, and when u finish go in sajda and cry and beg Allah to give what you want. One specific thing. Keep doing it until you get what you want. If women are going through periods, still say it, dont stop. You have to do this everyday, you will be shocked how Allah will give you something that seemed impossible for you.

  4. And after your dua is fulfilled, Thank Allah many times say atleast 100 nafal after you get what you wanted.Also keep some rozas.

  5. After u get married , say everyday 1000 times “YA WADUDU” and pray to Allah that your husband always loves you. And remember for all this you have to say your 5 times namaz everyday. May Allah give you all what you want.Never break anyones heart and never be unfair to anyone.

  6. Assalamo Alaykom.

    Here is the dua:1.” Allahumma! Inniy as’aluka bihubbika hubba(then mention the person) idhaa yanfa’uney hubbaho endaka fiy diyniy wa dunyayaa wal aakhiratiy. Allahumma! Audhoobika min hubbi(mention the name of the person) idhaa yadhurroney hubboho endaka fiy deeniy wa dunyayaa wa a’khirahtiy. 2. Allahumma! akhluf liy hubban khayran yanfa’uney wa hubban ahsanu min hubbihi idhaa lam yanfahney hubboho endaka fiy deeniy wa dunayaya wa akhiratiy. 3. Allahumma! Innaka Anta Allaamul ghuyoob! Anaa min ummati habeebika, nabiyyika, Muhammadin Salawa’tuka wa sala’muka alayhi wa alaa ahlihi salaatan kaameelatan wa tasleemah. Allahumma! birahmatika wa bihubbika, fa ab’ath ilayya bahlan saalihan likhutbatiy . Rabbiy! limaa anjalta ilayya min khayrin faqeer.Allahumma! waqineey minal haraam. 4. Rabbanaa aatiney wa baarik ley fiddunya wal’akhirah zawjan sa’lihan hasanan jameelan, wadoodan, sabooran, muhsliman, muhminan,mukhlisan, wa muflihan fid dunya wal a’akhira,wa maqboolan dua’uho daiman endaka, .Allahumma anta rabbiy! aamantu bika wa alayka tawakkaltu wa maa tawfeeqiy illa bika.5. Rabbanaa atinaa fid dunyaa hasanatan wa fil aakhirati hasanatan waqinaa adha’aban naar. Aameen!!!

    1.Ya Allah! Truly I (need) to ask(request from ) you by your love the love of( the name of the guy) if his love benefits me in my religion, in my world and in my hereafter. Ya Allah! I take refuge in you from his(mention the name of person) love
    if his love harms me in my religion, in my world and hereafter.2.Ya Allah! substitute for me a goodly love that benefits me better than his love if his love never benefits me in my religion, my world, and my hereafter.
    3. Ya Allah!Truly, you know the unseen, I am from the Ummah of your beloved prophet Muhammad(May your complete blessings and peace be upon him and his family). Ya Allah! by your mercy and by your love, send to me a righteous man to propose to marry me. O my God! whatever you send to me I am desperately in need.Ya Allah! save me from committing(i.e. Zina, etc.).4.O our Lord! give me and bless me with husband whos is righteous, good,handsome,very loving, very patient, muslim, faithful,sincere, successful in this world and the hereafter, and whose dua is always accepted by you.Ya Allah! You are my God. I believe in you and I trust wholeheartedly and I will never succeed or prosper except by your help. 5. O our Lord! give us good in this world and good in the hereafter and save us from punishment of Hell-fire. Ameen.

  7. Salaam,

    I need a powerful dua for myself. My husband married me but does not love me and he now wants to leave me. He is not saying that directly. But his behaviour in the holy place hurt me a lot. I want him to love me as he approached me first. Please help.

    Allah Hafiz

  8. asalam alaikum, i need this dua, because i have fight with my husband and he leaved me, but i want him back as soon as it can.

  9. Today, I punish my wife, he is housewife due to entrance of my small sister’s abusive talk against my wife. I am worried since morning. Therefore, who see this context he must be prayed for me that Allah may forgive me on this sin. As, there is no permission to punish wife with stick or hand in Islam. All friends may know and may show tolerance for their wives, please.

    Dear sister Humaira mein nay bhaut late ap ki request parhi ha. Ghalat kam ki Islam mein balkul ijazat nahin ha. Kabi bi shadi say pehlay koi ghalt kam na karna warna wohi larka shadi kay bad ap ko bahut tang karay ga kay tum shadi say pehlay aisi this halan kay us kay Qasoor ziyada ho ga. Is liay meri masoom behan please 2 Nafal par kar ya namaz kay bad ro ro kar allah say sabar ki dua mango. Jo koi Sabar ka talabgar hota ha Allah usay zaroor sabar deta ha. Yeh baat books mein milti ha. Allah meri behan ko apnay hifzo iman mein rakhay. Gahir Mehram ki Awaz bi sunna Sin (Guna) ha. Your brother Tanwir Ahmed.

  11. Salaam to all brothers and sisters,

    I am married my husband has stopped showing me love doesn’t live with me doesn’t talk to me nor has anytime for me at all, all he does is not stop swearing at me and my family… I still love him after all this plz plz brothers and sisters do duaa for me that he comes back to me and loves me the way he used to… any wazifa i can read? I’m having constant panik attacks

  12. Dear sister in muslim,
    I write in this section just want to ease the pain what am suffering now. I dont know really what to do. my husband get married without my concern. Am here saudi working, my husband in our place, then i just noticed he was not calling me or even txting me, then when 1 day we chat he just he see me that he dont love me and he love someone, i was been shocked, because i did not do anything wrong. beside he dont have work, and not contribute any 1 cent to support my daughter i did not complain it, i try to talk him and he said he dont love me.But that day we talked he said is not yet married, but the through they married without my concern, the girl she married was his first love, with 2kids, still not divorce from cristian, because the girl he married is converted only, she converted the day of thier wedding.I go home to our place just to know the truth and to solve the problem he create. That day, is my torrible life, he really show he dont love me, infront of me he was talking to her wife, even there are typhoon he just lift as at home with my daughter.Actually he just stay with me because of the request of his parent,he stay with out but emotionally absent. all his mind and emotion with her new wife. i cry all the day because of pain, he dont want me also to devorce because of my daughter is always got sick.And also our both family they dont want to have a divorce because of my daughter.I accept it and just my daughter, and his family was not accepting his wife, because according to them, they dont know they get married, they get married without the concern of both family, they are 2 of them get married and some friend was witnessed them.

    Befeore i returned back here in saudi i talk to him, what he want he said to me just leave him, just concentrate with my daughter and take care myself, so i accept it, and planned to divorce him and i start what good for me. one day only from what we talk he was angry and quarelling me, even snap me and bet me, i talked to him, he said he dont want me divorce, he want me to stay. So every family was in trouble because of has attitude, i accept him just not to involve the both family. and we talked. He said he want to come back in saudi and he want me to get him. And he said he will divorce his wife. So i accept him and trust him and believe. So i did what we arrange, now he has here as visit visa and trying to have job, i spent to much just he can come her. We very much happy we spend ramadan together and go anywhere.
    Last week, he just confirm me that he arrange now thier relations with his wife, he just lie to me that he done,her wife already her also, 2 weeks after he arrived his wife also arrived as worker her. They are talking if am sleeping they are chating, while am sleeping alone in my room, he will return when am always wake and prepare myself to work. He has lying to me of his relation since before.
    Now can you please do help me what to do? and what dua i will do. He dont want me leave, even just in my villa, he said he need me thats why he come here. He said he loved me so much and my daughter. Do i need to believe his word, even i know he has having fun with his another wife. he keep this secret to his family, because he tell to his family that they are divorced and he forget that girl. as what he lie me the same what he lie to his family.

    Please do help me what to do, i have so lot of problem now. I have also big problem of financial because of him,because of what i spent for his ticket, visa and everything.
    please do give me dua that he can think what he has doing to me and give him the right mind to think which he will choose. I dont want to comment his wife, haram as a muslim to cretized a attitude or judge.

    Thank you so much. I just want to voice out the pain am carying now, my family and his family dont know yet, if i tell them maybe he will bit me.
    Thank you again and allah bless us all, i hope all my problem will be solved.

  13. dear brothers and sisters may Allah keep us away from devil and keep all of us under the protections of Allah
    brothers and sister what is heppnining nowadays its all because of our own faults we are going away from our religión, that use to protect us from all bad deeds , brothers and sister we are born muslims our parents gave us muslim names but we dont know nothing about islaam and its teachings , unfortunatly that what heppend in our life what all of us should do is to pray five times a day and please i request you read qurn and suna all the answers of urs question are in these too great things that we have with us bleaveme if u will get close to Allah he will get close to you brothers and sister try atleast try to find confort in prayers only if u begin to pray five times a day u will see how evil nd bad things will go away Allah will make things right for u try it brother and sister may Allah show all of us a right path and forgive our sins no doubt that the shaitan is our feariuse enemy please take care fe Amman ALLAH

  14. Assalamualaikum
    I totally agree with brother ABDUL ZAHID.
    I’m very upset wid my husband n his family. I got kids too alhamdulillah I’m v happy wid my kids. Husband most of da time rude, not happy wid me n our kids etc. I don’t have anyone to talk to. V stress, depress n scare cos I’ve to go jahanam for raised voice to my husband. All dis happening is a test from Allah n I’m not praying 5times namaaz dats why it’s really hard for me. But I 100% believe dat everything will be fine if I try to pray 5time namaaz.
    When I was single I couldn’t sleep without praying my isha n I couldn’t go to work without my fijar. There shouldn’t be any excuse for namaaz. Otherwise we will find problem everywhere. May Allah give all of us to hidayat n keep away from evils Ameen.

  15. Aasalam o alikum…
    I love someone a lot and i want he loves me…respect me and understand me any dua for it?? plzz help me out….

  16. aslam o alekum … i need a dau for myself my hasband loves me soo much but he dont belvies me he always suspect on me he thinkx i am sheating wid him but i love him tell me sumting powerfull i will be thnkfull to u if u will get done this work

  17. Salaam,
    Please can you mail me a dua for my husband we love each other very much but we have been fighting for months and he has said some very bad things to me which has caused me a lot of pain and depression. I really love my husband and I want to forgive him but he thinks he has done nothing wrong and does not see my pain and my tears. Whenever I try to talk to him
    He doesn’t listen and tells me to be quiet.
    I want a dua so he listens to me and understands me and understands the pain he had caused me.


  18. Me and my wife have seperated due to problems with her mum i have no contact with her and have 2 babies tell me something easy to make her come back jazakallah

  19. Mera Masla hi k mere husband muj se sahee bat tak nahin karte ur girls min dilchaspee lete hin hi kuie girl,os k pas jate hin,mere 3 childern hin wo muj se bahot tang hin min bahot pareshan hon……..kahian khud k sat khuch na karon, Min Ose Bahot Pair kartee hon Bahot zeyada,,,

    Help me Allah………

  20. Mera Masla hi k mere husband muj se sahee bat tak nahin karte ur girls min dilchaspee lete hin hi kuie girl,os k pas jate hin,mere 3 childern hin wo muj se bahot tang hin min bahot pareshan hon……..kahian khud k sat khuch na karon, Min Ose Bahot Pair kartee hon Bahot zeyada,,,

    kuie tu kuie DUA bata dei,Saree omar os ke makrooz rahon ge.

    Help me Allah………

  21. i want to knw a dua wazifame my husband always argue he listens to his family not me always say i will sooon if i want a baby hause etc he doesnt seem to be cumg to my mums and listening to his family i guess plzzz help me i knw deep dwn he loves me bt majboor i thnk lots hve happnd i hve a baby to

  22. Asalam u Alikum,
    I have got married 3 years ago in 2010.my 1st year of marriage went very good.but during the middle of 2nd years, my husband suddendly became change.my husband is living in canada and he applied for my immigration.but unfortunetly my immigration process went late and on the other side my husband changed and get worst even his all habit became changed.i have doubted he has relationship with some girl who is living with him in canada.before all these things happened my husband loved me a lot but his brother’s wife in dont like me and she did not want to see us together.but I ignor it.in the middle of 2011 she brought some kind of halwa to my husband.my husband didnt have any affair before eating it.as he ate it during the one month his behaviour became changed with me.I also did not fait on black magic etc.and ignore it.now after three year while I was waiting for my final immigration letter. he canceled my immigration.And my husband wanted divorce from me with out any reason,he just told me he was loving me but now he hated me thats why he dnt want to carry our relationship any more.I didnt want to spoil my home thats why I stopped to take his call any more but one day he said divorce me one time then i cut of my call.now problem is that some alam told me.my husband victom by black magic and even he left his parents.please help me.I want my husband back as soon as posible.please help me….waiting for your respone.Jaza Ka Allah

  23. Assalamalaikum, I m married since 3 years. But after marriage I came to know that my husband already have his first wife. I faced lots of problems even I had to stay alone in one flat. He used to come very rarely to me. Still I managed everything and told him to treat both of us equally. But since 1 year I m staying with my father and he is not willing to come to me even not sending me any money. Recently I came to know that he also has a son with first wife. When I was pregnant he aborted my child. He is totally avoiding me. Plz dear brothers and sisters pray for me that my husband should come to me and give me all rights and treat me equally. JazakAllah.

  24. A.a am very impressed with this site. I also have a problem, my husband keeps on annoying me in a weekly basis. And he doesn’t care about me anymore,i need dua that can make him love me again,respect me,protect me and be with me throughout. He neglects me a lot. Shukran

  25. Please give me a wazeefa or dua which I can do which will improve in making my husband respecting, caring, supporting, loving, trusting towards me please. Thanku

  26. please can you tell me what to read for my husband.he keep fighting with me and shouting at kids.comes home late.dont no what to do please can you tell me what to read thankyou…

  27. meri pyari sister meri duaein aap sab ke sath hain
    Allah tala’a ap sabon ko bohat sari khoshiyn naseeb kare ameen sum ameen inshaAllah
    mujhe bhi aap sab ki duaon ki bohat zarurat hai

  28. Assalam alaikum
    My dear brothers and sisters, i got marriage last ten years ago, since that time every small and simple thing also my husbands lies alot. I have got fed up with this but even though every time i am forgiving him thinking that may be next time he wont repeat this. But every time iam getting disappointed becase of his behaviour. And he also has illegal relations with other women.
    Ye doesnt love me at all but i cannot live without him, i have three children.Where i can live with my kids, plz plz pray for us to live happy live.
    If you know any wazifas plz tell me thanks a lot.

  29. Assalamualaikum,

    Please i need a duah to make my husband love me and care for me. He has stop loving me. In every single things he say bad word to me and everytime he say he will leave me as he already did it in the past because of an another girl. I still love my husband but when everytimes he warn me and say bad word for and my family i become totally broken. Please tell me a duah so that my husband will love me again.

  30. Asalamu Alaikum,

    I am married for 4.5 years. and our marriage is love marriage. But after married I never felt that my husband love me. He only concern about her father, mother & sister. I felt he is not happy with me. I don’t know why. I try my best to do for his family. but I fell he is not love me. Please send me a strong dua so that I can achieve my love. Another dua for baby. I am trying for baby but we r not success. plz send me 2 powerful dua.
    allah hafez

  31. Salamz. My dear sisters, i need ur dua for my husband to be come allaha’s path bcz now he is doing many of haram work he dont care about me also.

  32. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Whoever wants to increase love for the Other Partner… Read 313 time Allah’s name “YA WADOODO” keeping in mind the person whom love you want.

    Donot forget to recite darood shareef 11 times before and after the name and dua.

  33. my husband loved me a lot we been married for 2 years but now a days he fights and do doubt on me i pray i keep my love clean for him I’m in different country he is in another country plz help me give me a dua’s to help me i did a lot of charity to poor people but he is just not changing please help me

  34. Salam bros and sis. I have done a horrible thing breaking the relationship of my bro and his wife. I was very jealous for them to be in love and happy. My mum and I paid a lot of money for black magic on them so they could break up so they would only fight and hate each other, but they are still bond together. Unfortunately now my relationship with my husband is breaking up. My husband hates me,doesn’t eat my handmade food and calls me jadughar as I confessed to him about all my wrong doings. I also want to confess to my eldest bro and my sis in law and their kids what I have done. Please all brothers and sisters pray for me to subhan Allah to give me courage to confess and to apologise to my bro and his wife and pray that their marriage always remain safe and loving and longer lasting. Amen.

  35. plz help me i love my love vry much he love me to suddenly he stop talking with me n change his num,i cant eat or think or sleep or function…i am runing away from all.i feel dead inside.i want him back plz help me any wazifa or dua toh get back him i love him alot

  36. salam alekum main bhut dino se pareshaan hun ghr main miya bivi main pyaar khatm ho gya main bhut depression main rehne lgi akele dar lgta hai dil kart hai ghar chodh du

  37. Assalamualaikum. I have a big problem eith my husband if there is something that he does not behave well I have two children they have problem also they disobedient .at first I want to ask you my husband is weak about women it is my openion l also recognize that while l am working hard but nobery cannot support me or neglected me this is habitual for them why could happen this.

  38. To Brother Muhammad Mohsin Siddiqee,
    Assalam Alykum
    Please mention in which Kitaab of Hadeeth we can find what you mentioned.

    Jazaka Allah Khayr

  39. i need a powerful dua to help me love my husband.my husband loves me alot but i dont help to keep my relationship intact give me a dua thanks

  40. lot of problem between me and husband .. a married women is in our life .. i have just deliverd baby girl ..pls prayer for me so that the women goes away from us and we are in peace and my husband loves me like before

  41. i have lots of problems between me and my husband. he is very rude his inconsiderate, by him we still married but he does not come home anymore only when its suits him.he shouts at me over every little thing his shout at the kids he lies he swears.his 65years of age and we married for 35years what dua should i make to bring him right kanalah asap. shukran

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