1. The reciting of Allah’s name Al- Wali is the equivalent of the Dua or is a Wazifa as you may call it.
    Hope that answers your query

  2. Sorry, I look for a douah in arabic and don’t understand that the Dua was the recitation of ALLAH’s name AL-Wali.

    Sorry, thank you very much.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam;

    This is Mariam. How r u?
    If you can email me book about love between husband and wife, how to get pregnant, Not to fight between husband and wife.

    I look forward to hear from you soon.


  4. Pls send me dua for love with husband & wife i am non muslim i marry with muslim guy but i am facing so much problem from my mother in law & my husband is not listening my any words every times he is making my mistake i am very much tired from this every day they are fighting giving bad words i want my husband love back pls send me good dua

  5. some body told me read dua for your husband love he will listen your words from kuran sharif 2 para 165 ayat but i don’t know pls mail me dua

  6. Dear Sir/Maa’m
    I am not born Muslim I took Islam as my choice Allhum durila.Thanks 2 Allah.I want 1 read a dua for my belove to make me more love.
    Pls help me.

  7. respected sir,
    i need a dua for making my husband understand me very well and for supporting me in all my problems and to love me more… please mail me..

  8. plse get me a dua for huband and wife , understand and care love , support and , many more dua’s for huband and wife . i need these dua’s for my self and for my friends . i need one more dua for my son who is paste way for 5 yers ago , when he was 22yrs . i am very much said of this matter for my son to have a jannath .. he is not good in islamic way ..


  10. Assalamalikum
    Please send me a dua for love with husband & wife, Better understanding, no fights between wife and husband.. dua for peace and happy life.


  11. asalaamalikum.i need a dua which can create unlimited love for me in my husbands heart.my mother in law is very rude & always tortrues me he also listens 2 her our marriage is about to finish plz tell me some dua through which i cn get my husbands love,care,trust,plz help me plz mail me as soon as possible

  12. i need a dua 4 making my husband love me respect me ,supporting me ,understanding me .taking my care.plz reply soon plz mail me

  13. salaam.i need a dua which can create unlimited love,care,respect&understanding in my husbands heart.i m facing a lot of problems.i feel that he doesnt love me anymore plz help me .send me a dua that cn solve all my problems.plz mail me as soon as possible

  14. Salam, I need your help . i need a dua to get my wife back. Because she demands Khula and i dont want to loose her . please help me in this.

  15. asalaam pls give me some dua for my husband to love me understand me and respect me. pls send email me iam so worried for this problem in my life pls help/

  16. A.O.A
    plz tell me some Dua,s or vazeefa for more love between me and my husband.HE lives abroad and i live here in Pak.
    i will be very thank ful to u.
    plz do mail me.

  17. salaam plz i need dua which can create unlimited love trust understndnd in my husbands heart plz my marriage s abt 2 break

  18. asalaamalikum.plz mail me some dua that can create unlimited love care ,understnding,respect&trust in my husbands heart we dont stay 2gether &r having lot of problems in our relation now.sum1 told me that he hs bcom a victim of magic also.plz send me a duaa that cn solve all our problems as soon as possible.eagerly waiting 4 ur mail plz reply soon allahafiz.plz mail me soon plz

  19. salaam.i hav been writing 4m a long time,plz can any1 mail me duaa to create love in husband’s heart.plz mail as soon as possible plz.allahafiz

  20. Following can be applied to bring peace and harmony in relationships.

    You dont have to do all of this 1 day but do as per 1 by 1 until his or her character improves.

    1. Surah (93)Adh-Dhuha recite 40 times and make dua
    2. Surah (94)Alam Nashrah recite 125 times
    3. Ricite ” Lailaha illa huval hayyul kayuumull aliyul haleem. Recite this facing qibila 313 times with good sounding heart and after make dua.
    4. Sura Al maida 5 verse 54 read this 100 times and make dua
    5. Sura Yusuf Verse 29,30 recite and blow into any food your partner likes and feed.

    I got this info from a book in India. Hope it helps.

  21. hello plzzzzz tell me any way to get rid of fight between husband and wife iam very tensed plzzzzzzzz tell me something to do

  22. Asalamu Alaikum,
    I desperately need duas to make my husband love me, trust me and understand me. We have been having a lot of problems and its not helping that we live in different countries – differences are being created by people.

  23. very effective dua i tried…… YA MUSARRIFAL QALUBI SAR RIF QALBI ALA REHMATIC…. READ 1 TASBEEH and dum in taswwer to husband ….


  24. another dua for love but dum in some sweet like mithaee khajoor sharbat etc etc which sweet that can’t be make on flame..

    “yuhib bu hum wa yu hibbunahu aa zil latin alal momineen” (surah maeda)

    total 99 times dum after 33 times means total dum is 3 times

    for jaez love only

  25. My husband is not with me at the moment, he is in Pakistan. So what duas can I read even though he is far away?

  26. sir koi aesa wazifa bataye jis sa mera husband mjsa bohat zada pyar karna laga aur mera bina kesi larki ko nhi dakha

  27. dear miss tasnim u can pray first dua easily not the second one(dum wali) and also 1400 time YA WADUDU after esha prayer…. and dum in tasawwer or n e pic as well…..

  28. Aoa
    mai apne cousin ko pasand karti ho n he also love me par 6y pehle karta tha fir ek ladki hamare bech a gai thi, ab us ladki ki shadi hone wali mai chahati ho ki wo fir se mujhse muhabbat karne lage or hamari shadi ho jaye koi rasta dekhaiyd allah ki marzi hai coz i did istekhara so plz help me out

  29. Dear Shama Furrukh – thank you sooooooo much I really appreciate your help and advice. May Allah give you a long and healthy life – Ameen

  30. salaam

    i neeed to dua get husbands love and attension,attraction emotionally, sexually etc. i have this feeling his not happy.100%.. plz give me dua so that our marriage is a sucess.

  31. Assalamualaikum I am very sad, me and my husband have a fight every week, we will go without talking, he goes and proposed marrige to other women and lie to me, I am going trogh a lot of depression I have 3 kids, he is irritable, please make dua for us.

  32. I need a dua to get my wife back as she is not happy to live with me. Please Please help me. I don’t have any1 in life accept her, so she is most precious person for me. Help me

  33. Assalamu alaikum to muslimah you shoul read YA WADUDO 1000 times and do dum on food, Flour is a good idea as we make chappati every day or any food he eats every day! Also read surah Juma every day and on Friday after Fajar Salaah read surah Juma Para 28 3 times and do dum on water. drink this water yourself and give to your husband aswell. Also during the day you should read YA WADUDO YA KABIRO throughout the day as you can read this without wudu. due to quarrels my marriage was breaking and i like yourself was sad all the time now my husband is a lot more cheerful at home.

  34. assalam o alaikum you should read surah juma 3 times every friday after fajar salaah and blow on water. Do this for 7 fridays. This can be done by either wife or husband. You should also talk to your spouse and tell them how you feel. Lack of communication can break your marriage.

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