Children, Women & Family / Sunday, August 17th, 2008

TASHABBUH BIL KUFFAAR (emulating and imitating the kuffaar) is haraam even for children. The motivation underlying such Tashabbuh is love and preference for kufr. It is a subtle love which lurks in the very inner recesses of the heart. Even the person in who lurks this malady of kufr fails to detect it. However, the sin of the Tashabbuh of children settles on the parents. Even seemingly pious and Deeni conscious people are extremely careless and even indifferent regarding the prohibition of Tashabbuh in relation to children. While the parents may not emulate the dress styles of the kuffaar, they unhesitatingly adopt all the latest, lewd and immoral dress styles for their children, especially for the girls.


Parents justify kuffaar garments for their children with the argument of childhood. But childhood is not a license for haraam and immodesty. Since the children are not bound by the laws of the Shariah, the parents believe that they could dress them in just any manner and adopt any kuffaar fashion for them. This is a grave error. Children have to observe the Deen and be taught to conduct themselves as Muslims. Haraam food is haraam for adults as well as for children. Stealing, swearing, and all acts of evil are haraam for children just as they are haraam for the parents. The only difference is that the sin of children, if committed with the approval of parents devolves on the parents. Just as kuffaar dress styles are haraam for adults, so too are they haraam for children. This sin settles on the parents who acquire such haraam dress outfits for the children. Even parents, who profess to be practicing Muslims, dress their little girls with tight-fitting tops and jeans or with any other kind of lewd kuffaar garments. Besides the kabeerah sin they are guilty of, the parents ruin the morals of their children with such evil dress.

When the love for kuffaar dress styles and shameless garments of semi-nudity is instilled in children in the phase of their life which is the occasion for developing their Islamic character and outlook, there will be no true love for the simple and modest garments of the Sunnah. Children, girls in particular, who are addicted to lewd kuffaar dress styles, will later feel awkward and claustrophobic when they have to change into Islamic dress style. It will be a difficult imposition on them. They will complain of stuffiness, etc. They will not view the modest Islamic style as an institution of ibaadat. It will be an imposition from outside. While the face may be concealed with a niqaab, the eyes and the heart will rove lewdly and surreptitiously from behind the mask of deception which the niqaab will be for girls who were accustomed to immodest western dress styles.


Apart from the evil effects of immodest kuffaar dress styles, there is a graver dimension which is not discernable to most people. It is the attitude of kufr which lurks in the heart of the parents – parents who believe themselves to be pious and practicing Muslims. Parents who acquire kuffaar immodest dress for their little girls should honestly do some soul searching.

They will then detect the serpent of kufr curled up in some recess of their hearts. What motivates a Muslim mother to adorn and demonize her little girls with immodest kuffaar dress? Why do non-Muslim parents not adorn their kids with Islamic dress? The Muslim mother purchases expensive tight fitting pants/jeans and tops for her little girls. She selects such lewd dress which appears ‘beautiful’ to her. Every mother loves to adorn her little children with beautiful garments. This leads to the conclusion that the Muslim mother, who selects immodest haraam kuffaar dress fashion for her little daughters, has seen beauty in a style of the kuffaar. Secondly, she gives preference to the immodest haraam style over the simple, modest Islamic style. She casts aside the Islamic style and selects the haraam kuffaar style.
Then she dresses her little daughters like prostitutes. This love for a kaafir style and the preference for it are hidden attitudes of kufr. The justification presented to legitimize the evil dress for children is an explicit act of kufr which negates Imaan.

Many ‘Muslim’ parents while thinking that they are pious Muslims have eliminated their Imaan with attitudes of kufr. Little do they realize that they are no longer Muslim. At the time of Maut, they will be rudely and violently shaken and shocked when they see the manifestation of their hidden kufr sealing their tongues and closing their hearts to the Kalimah Shahaadat. While children’s dress may appear as an insignificant item for most people, it has far reaching consequences. The motive underlying the adoption of immodesty and the desire to adorn little girls as if they are prostitutes is abhorrent kufr. Nothing but kufr constrains a Muslim mother to select a kufr style of dress for her daughters. It can never be the love of Allah and the Rasool that would ever motivate a Muslim mother to dress her daughters in the style of a prostitute – tight-fitting tops and jeans. What resemblance with Islam do the styles of prostitutes have? Yet the mother who performs Salaat and who believes herself to be a pious woman prefers for her little daughters the styles of prostitutes, rather than the simple, modest dress ordered by the Qur’aan and Sunnah. There is a need for soul searching. The hidden attitude which constrains preference for the fashions of the kuffaar is a sort of nifaaq (hypocrisy). Hadhrat Abu Darda’ (radhiyallahu anhu) said:

“Beware of the piety of nifaaq.”

Someone asked: “O Aba Darda! What is the piety of nifaaq?” Hadhrat Abu Darda’ (radhiyallahu anhu) replied:

“It is that you see the (external) body displaying piety while the heart is bereft of piety.”

This is the state of parents who prefer kuffaar immodest dress for their children.

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