Darood-o-Salam on the Apostle of Allah

Fiqh, Hajj - Merits and Precepts / Friday, November 13th, 2009

“Peace be with you, O Messanger of Allah ; pease be with you, O the best for all the creatures of Allah ; peace be with you O selected one of Allah ; peace be with you, O dear one of Allah ; peace be with you O Chief of the descendants of Adam ; peace as well as the mercy of Allah and his blessings be with you O Prophet. O Messanger of Allah ! I bear witness that there ia no God but Allah, He is alone no partner He hath and I bear witness that ye are His slave and Messanger. I bear witness that ye have conveyed that divine Message and have transmitted the entrusted mission ; ye wished well for your people and dispelled their restlessness.

May Allah grant ye a good reward ; may Allah bless ye on our behalf with a better reward then that He ever blessed any prophet on behalf of his people. O Allah ! Confer upon our lord and Thy slave and Messanger Muhammad Thy Wasilah (nearness to His sanctuary) excellence and elevated position and admit him to Maqam-e-Mahmood (the praiseworty place) which thou promised him ; no doubt Thou violatest not Thy promise ; and grant him a favourite place near Thee. Undoubtedly Thou art Glorious. Most Bountiful.”

After this Salam you should pray to Allah through the mediation of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). Then you should ask the Holy Prophet for his intercession and say :-

” O Messanger of Allah ! I ask you for your intercession and I request your mediation towards Allah for that I die as Muslim, on your faith and on your tradition.”

To these words you may add whatever you like but that must be very respectful and humble. Conciseness in this regard has however been appreciated by our worthy predecessors. You should not be very loud but instead you should present your request very humbly and respectfully. If you have to convey Salam on behalf of any other person you shoud say :-

“Peace be with you O Messanger of Allah on behalf of so and so son of so and so. He requests your intercession towards your Lord.”

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