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Among the evil consequences of this sin are the many deadly and contagious diseases that result from it. Some of these illnesses are such that medical science – with all its might, power and advanced technology – has failed to combat or even fully comprehend it, let alone curing it. Certainly no one is able to rise above the Will of Allah ta’aalaa and escape His Wrath!

Some of these fatal diseases are:

AIDS: As yet, no cure has been found for this disease. It is contracted and spread by various means, but the original cause has been unanimously accepted as perverted sexual acts like homosexuality.

Gonorrhea: This causes inflammation of the testicles, blockage of the urethra, inflammation of the joints and sterility.

Syphilis: This is a type of venereal disease commonly known among the Arabs as ‘The English Disease’ since its origin lies in European societies where free intermingling of the sexes and immorality is rife. It results in insanity, paralysis, blindness and other nerve disorders. It can also lead to blood vessel damage and death.

Genital Ulcers: This disease causes inflammation of the lymphatic glands. It also gives rise to chronic festering of tumours, inflammation of the urethra, severe pain in the joints and swelling of the limbs.

Hepatitis B: Its symptoms include fever, fatigue, nausea and jaundice. It results in chronic hepatitis or liver cancer.

These are only a few of the many deadly diseases caused by perverted sexual behaviour. Could anyone ever desire contracting any of them?

May Allah ta’aalaa protect all of us from all types of evil!

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