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The next Hadith is:

“The most blessed Nikah is the one in which least expenses are incurred, and is simple.”

Allah Ta’ala has put blessing in simplicity, but nowadays the weddings have to be in halls and thousands of people are invited for meals. Food is served in buffet style, free intermingling of sexes, various types of food is served, music is blaring loudly, photos are taken with the bride being displayed on the stage, if possible then the whole wedding is also put on video etc.

About buffet style eating, Allah Ta’ala states in the Holy Qur’aan,

“They eat like animals,”

This verse was for the Kuffaar. What a pity that the Muslims are now imitating the Kuffaar. Whereas the true benefactor of the Ummat announced fourteen hundred years back, that do not eat and drink while standing, The Muslims are openly going against this beloved teaching.

Another evil in these weddings is that video films are made of the wedding and certain bearded and so-called pious people often sit and watch all this occur. It is NOT permissible to even sit there. It is Wajib to go away from there immediately. Any gathering where Allah Ta’ala is disobeyed should be walked out on, even as far as removing the morsel that was in the mouth already. These are evil customs by which the Nikah is deprived of blessings. Attendants in uniform are hired to serve. Some people hire bands to play Haraam music and hire an elephant from the zoo. The astounding fact is that these people belong to those strata of society who live in shacks and who accept Zakaat. I have seen such people on the occasions of their weddings resorting to such extravagance. To give Zakaat to such people is Haraam for they have money saved at the bank, which causes them to be excluded from the category of recipients for Zakaat. Do not give your Zakaat to people who make collection of Zakaat a profession. By helping such people one is actually aiding in the commission of Haraam acts. This was with reference to spurious customs innovated by people and which is so called Barakat.

Rasulullah (salellaho alaihe wasallam) mentioned that the Nikaah with the most Barakah is one which is,

“With the least expense.”

If Walimah has to take place then it too should be done very simply. It is not Wajib to make Walimah inviting hundreds of people and keeping it in a hall. Invite a few needy people and feed them, the Sunnat of Walimah will be fulfilled. Feed the Walimah guests in your house; you will not need to hire a hall for which you have to pay hundreds. Rather save all this money and give it to your daughter or son who is marrying or keep it for yourselves and use it in a good cause. Remember, even if thousands of people will attend the wedding or Walimah, they will never be satisfied, they will have unending complains, e.g. the food was too salty or too oily or the meat was not cooked properly or it was too spicy, or the food was tasteless or burnt etc. Therefore, leave all this wastage and work with simplicity.

A Sahabi (radhiallaho anho) got married in Madina and he did not even invite Rasulullah (salellaho alaihe wasallam) to the Walimah feast. When Rasulullah (salellaho alaihe wasallam) found out about this Sahabi’s marriage, he did not show displeasure to his Sahabi that why did he not invite him. Nowadays, the family fights if they are not invited and say, “We will not invite them to our functions and will not attend any other gathering of theirs in the future” All this is ignorance. Therefore, a Nikah in which least expenses are incurred, know it to be the most blessed.

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