Congregational prayers for Ladies

Contemporary Fatawa, Fiqh, Women & Family / Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Q.“How far the ladies are allowed to offer their prayers in congregation (jama’ah)? What is the most preferable and superior position in this respect, as per Shari‘ah?

A. The ladies are always required to offer their prayers individually. it is not advisable for them to offer prayers in congregation. Rather, it is held to be a makrooh (disliked) practice. Unlike of men, the individual prayer of ladies carries more thawab. However, if some ladies insist on the disliked practice of offering their prayers in congregation, the woman who leads the prayer should not stand in front like a male Imam of salah. Instead she should stand in the middle of the women who perform salah in her leadership. But it is emphasized once again that the congregation of ladies for prayers should always be discouraged.

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