Fiqh, Kitaab us Salaat / Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

  1. The niyyat of the follower (muqtadi) is to be simultaneous with the tahreemah.
  2. The imam’s heels have to be in front of the muqtadi’s.
  3. The condition of the imam cannot be inferior to the muqtadi’s. it is not proper for an imam who is praying a nafl namaaz to lead someone who is praying a fard namaaz but it is ok for an imam praying a fard to lead a follower who is praying nafl.
  4. The imam cannot be praying a different fard than the muqtadi. It the muqtadi for example is praying zuhr and the imam is praying asr, then the following of the muqtadi is not valid.
  5. There is no row of women between the imam and the followers.
  6. There is no river between the imam and the follower. A river in which small boats sail.
  7. There is no road upon which carts cars etc. pass.
  8. There should not be a wall, which can cause confusion, about the imam’s movement. If there is no confusion because he is audible or visible, then it is correct to follow him.
  9. The imam should not be mounted on an animal while the followers are on foot or visa versa.
  10. The follow should also not be mounted on a different animal/vehicle other than the imam’s.
  11. The follower should not be in a different boat from the imam. If the boats are attached to each other then it is ok.

It is valid for one who has made wudhu to follow someone who has made tayammum or the one who has done masah over the leather socks.

It is valid for the one who is praying standing to follow someone who is praying sitting.

It is valid for the one who is standing straight to follow someone who is praying bent over.

It is valid for the one who is praying by using signs or gestures to pray behind someone who is praying with the same signs and gestures.

If the imam’s namaaz becomes nullified then the namaaz of the muqtadi will also become nullified. It is up to the imam to inform the followers that his namaaz was nullified so the followers can repeat their namaaz.

If according to the follower the imam’s namaaz is broken then it will not be permissible for him to follow the imam.

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