Women & Family / Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Childbirth is a momentous occasion in the Muslim home. Allah Ta’ala has ordained woman as the repository of life. She is the sacred receptacle for a sacred Amaanat (Trust) which Allah Ta’ala sends to earth via her medium. She undergoes much travail in the course of bearing and delivering this Amaanat – her child. Thus the Qur’an Majeed says:

“His mother bore him with much difficulty and delivered him with much difficulty.”

Her reward for serving as the Bearer of the Trust is tremendous. Pregnancy increases her stock of thawaab and on giving birth to the child she emerges totally purified of sin. Her domestic duties and her service to her husband secure for her the thawaab of Jihaad. From this could be gauged the tremendous thawaab a woman receives for childbirth. To acquire the thawaab of childbirth, it is imperative that the woman abstains from transgression on this occasion.

In this modern era of loose morals most women displease Allah Ta’ala by shamelessly violating Islam’s Hijab (Purdah) rules on the occasion of childbirth. The age-old, respectable and Islamic system of childbirth taking place in the privacy of the home has been largely abandoned. Most women in the western countries opt for giving birth to their children in hospitals where they are attended to by male physicians. They are required to undergo un-Islamic, shameless and haraam medical tests and check-ups. They have to shamelessly expose themselves to male doctors. In this evil process they invoke the Wrath of Allah Ta’ala.

Western indoctrination has blinded the intelligence of many Muslims. It is believed that giving birth in hospitals and supervision by male physicians are necessary. But this is a shaitaani myth peddled by the kuffaar medical establishment. Countless millions of women in ‘Third World’ countries and many deeni conscious Muslims in western countries as well as numerous non-Muslim women who still have natural modesty in them give birth at home attended by female midwives.

Giving birth in hospitals and attended by male physicians are among the most shameless and immoral misdeeds which violently militate against the Islamic code of modesty and Hijaab. Muslim women must revolt against this vile practice. Their childbirth is shorn o blessings (barkat) by their submission to the immoral and haraam practices of the kuffaar medical establishment.

Muslims should rid themselves of the plague of western kuffaar notions and theories spawned by minds smitten with kufr and haraam. A natural propensity of kufr is inclination towards haraam impurity and immodesty.

We, therefore, find that despite there being millions of lawful and pre things in Allah’s creation, the kuffaar medical establishment loves to explore and experiment with haraam and najaasat. Of course, there are no restrictions of modesty or immodesty in minds which do not accept the Divine Code.

It is not permissible for Muslim women to adopt this nude and vulgar system of childbirth, the supposed virtues of which are propagated and extolled by western medical science. While there are always exceptions under grave circumstances which must be confirmed by a pious, Deeni conscious Muslim physician, Muslim women should understand well that it is haraam to give birth in hospitals under the present immodest, immoral and haraam conditions which require total exposure of the female and attendance by male physicians.

The virtues and merits of childbirth are obtainable at home, in Islamic, respectable and modest conditions. At home, there will be greater barkat (blessings) in the childbirth, in the offspring and generally in the home. A woman, returning from hospital, returns after having submitted to a shameless, immodest and haraam system of childbirth. She does not come home with Islamic honor nor is she blessed with the aura of noor which diffuses the person of a woman who measures up to the designation – ‘al-mar’atus salihah’.

The pious woman will take courage and feel honored by the following statements of Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam:

  1. A woman who dies during childbirth obtains the rank of a Shaheed (martyr).
  2. A woman who exercises Sabr when her child dies, will enter Jannat immediately.
  3. Even the partly-formed child in a miscarriage will take its mother to Jannat. (Miscarriage too, is a blessing for a Muslim woman. Difficulties and calamities should not, therefore, lead to impatience, frustration and ingratitude.)

Another evil and immodest practice which has reared its ugly head even among Muslims is the western custom of the husband viewing his wife giving birth. The western medical establishment, being a forerunner in immodesty and haraam, is advocating the virtues of this un-Islamic practice. But Islam does not accept such shamelessness. It is not permissible for Muslim husbands to degrade themselves by submitting to the immoral and lewd practices of the west.

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