Bidah (Innovation)


In conclusion, I would like to list a few things which the Ulama of the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat have branded as Bid`ah. All Muslims of the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat must necessarily abstain from such acts. Those who practice these acts are not from the Ahle Sunnat, rather they belong to the Ahle Bid`ah:

To have all sorts of functions and festivities at the gravesites.

To solidify the graves.

To construct domes at the graves.

To drape sheets (Chadars) over the graves.

To prostrate at the graves.

To make Tawaaf there.

To stand there as though you are in Salaat.

To kiss the graves and tombs.

To lick/stroke them.

To make Nazar (vows) and Niyaaz there.

To place flowers there.

To have Urs for the pious.

To place things on their graves.

To have Qawaali (music and songs).

To call people and have all sorts of festivities there.

To make Minnat on the name of buzrugs.

To make sacrifices on their names.

To make dua of them.

To light lamps at their graves.

To celebrate Eid Meelad on the 12th Rabiul Awwal.

To light lamps on this occasion.

To listen to fabricated narrations on the occasion of Meelad.

To recite incorrect and inappropriate poems.

To make images of the blessed grave of Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam),

to make images and models of the Kaabatullaah.

To kiss the thumbs when Athaan and Iqaamat are being recited.

To shake vigorously whilst making Thikr, such that it disturbs those performing Salaat.

To regard the standing up before the Mukabbir says “Qad Qaamatis Salaat” in the Iqaamat as being bad.

To shake hands after Salaat.

To recite Durood and Salaam before the Athaan.

To celebrate Gyaarwi Shareef.

To make Khatam over food.

To celebrate Teejaa, Nawaah, Daswah, Beeswah, and Chaaliswah, etc.

To invent special and specific ways and methods for making Isaal-e-Thawaab, and to rigidly adhere to them.

To have Maatam in Muharram.

To take out Ta`ziyah (Shiah custom).

To make Alam and Duldul.

To take remuneration for reciting the Qur`aan Shareef.

To give Athaan at the graveside.

To place grain on the graves, etc., etc.

May Allaah Ta`ala grant all Muslims the Taufeeq to follow the Sunnat of Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) and save themselves from all Bid`ah. And may I, you and all Muslims be blessed and favoured with the intercession and companionship of Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) on the Day of Qiyaamah. Aameen.

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