Authenticity of the Source Materials and References

Jihad, Understanding Jihad (The Mujahid's Guide) / Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Care should be taken in the speeches and writings concerning the Jihad and only the virtues based on the Holy Quraan and the Revered Sunnah are to be stated. All the references ought to be watertight and authentic.

The Jihad is an obligation whose virtues are abundantly stated in the Holy Quraan and the Revered Sunnah. Yet a thorough and painstaking research must be carried out before any narration, quotation and event, in order to refute any false accusations of the non-Muslim, vehement opponent of the Jihad and to eliminate any attack upon the Jihad through this door.

AlhamdulilLah as the Jihad is expanding speedily and countless people are joining the Jihad daily, a considerable number of these new participants are not qualified ‘Ulema, in such a case it is important to keep a watchful eye that their propagation do not contain any weak of forged Ahadeeth, or any myth, or untrue story, in their statements. In order to eliminate any such false proclamation by the unlearned that “the Jihad is practised since the days of Hadhrat Aadam Alayhis-Salaam”. To prevent any such terrible incidents ever happening, every effort should be made that the meaning and elucidation of the verses of the Holy Quraan are quoted from the most reliable books of Tafseer and the source references of the Revered Sunnah ought to be blameless. To use any fabricated and untrustworthy references and quotations is an act of straying from the right path of the Deen, which is forbidden. It runs totally against the aim and objective of the Jihad which is the protection of the religion.

AlhamdulilLah, in our experience the Mujahideen until now have been immune to such a heinous crime, but they ought to prepare a preventative plan for any such incidents ever being committed.

In this direction I would suggest that those who are unqualified in the Learning of the Deen, but do sincerely want to propagate the Jihad, ought to be given the opportunity to learn by heart. In addition to the points mentioned in part 1, the Department of  Propagation & Information should take note of the following points as well:

1. Their speeches, statements and writing should not be in the aggressive style and format.

2. They should not interfere in the minor differences of the Ummah.

3. They should provide a comprehensive introduction of all the Islamic Movements in the world.

4. They should practice moderation in their praise and in their condemnation of personalities.

5. They should avoid such styles and formats, that might turn a section of the Ummah against the Mujahideen.

6. They should refrain from any criticism and downgrading of the holy pious ancestors.

7. The introduction of their organisation should be presented minimally and carefully, while their aims and objectives should be presented openly and widely.

8. They should propagate piety along with the propagation of the Jihad. Without piety, the Jihad would be an empty shell.

9. Their speeches and writing should be constructed in a simple and clear format, so every lay member of the Muslim community could understand them.

10. The deliberations and findings of our honoured predecessors should be strictly observed and they should not engage in any new research of their own. As the need for the deed is more important for the Ummah and new deliberations and findings are very rarely required. Any effort in new deliberations and findings would cause arguments and dissensions, which the organisation could not afford.

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