Anti-Islamic policies of India Part 03

Jihad, Understanding Jihad (The Mujahid's Guide) / Friday, April 2nd, 2010

After the division of the Muslimun into four separate entities and countries, the Muslimun have lost their unity and strength. These four countries are far apart and there is no cohesion amongst them. The Muslimun of Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Kashmir are strangers to each other and are the victims of the Indian conspiracy. Kashmir has been proclaimed by India as her integral part. The existence and progress of Pakistan is a thorn in the eyes of India. India is hell bent to make Bangladesh her own colony, while the Indian Muslimun are the most oppressed human beings. And the voices of their protests are silenced by the chants of ‘our internal affairs’. It means that Muslimun of India are dying yet they cannot scream. Their lives and Imaan, both are under threat but no help or friends are to be found all around.

The other painful side of this situation is, that while India is presenting her baseless religion with extreme exaggeration, Muslimun are presenting their great and the Majestic Deen in the deflated form. It cannot be ascertained whether this is due to the circumstances or due to the weakness of their Imaan, or due to the unawareness of the real Islam, or due to their eagerness to be a tool of the enemy, nowadays in India, a new generation of Muslim thinkers, intellectuals and ideologues have appeared at the scene, who are presenting a totally distorted picture of Islam. They are portraying the shining past of Islam in an apologetic and guilt-ridden manner. As though Na`uzhubilLah our ancestors have committed some grave crime by implementing the Jihad and these hapless writers and intellectuals are full of shame for this so called crime of their great forefathers and are forced to apologise before their idolater Hindu masters.

The chief amongst these authors is Mr Waheeduldeen Khan, who has achieved the parity with Mirza Qadyani, Chakralvi and Parvaiz in distorting Islam. He is the infamous author who has issued the Fatwa that “Ghandhi has opened the doors of the Ijtihaad” which Muslimun have abandoned since the fourth century Hijri. He is the obnoxious man who has incited the Indian Muslimun of not committing the sin of defending themselves, when the armed Hindu rioters are burning, looting and attacking Muslim villages, instead they should stay in their homes and recite the Verses of the Holy Quraan, while they are being slaughtered one after another. And when the Babari Masjid was destroyed in India the whole Muslim Ummah was in agony, the Muslimun were displaying their anger and extreme distaste according to their abilities and strength, which made Waheeduldeen Khan mad with anger and he started lecturing Muslimun not to vent their anger and distaste to the destruction of the Babari Masjid, because the destruction of the Babari Masjid is a natural phenomenon and an act of pre-destination and should not be grieved. He is the person, who appears on TV regularly, and tells the viewers, that the Mujahideen who are sacrificing their lives in Bosnia, Kashmir, Tadjikistan and Afghanistan are spreading anarchy and terrorism and that the Jihad is presently not in progress anywhere in the world and it is sinful for Muslimun even to think of the Jihad.

In the footstep of Waheeduldeen Khan is the learned man of the Islamic teachings, Maulana Akhlaq Hussain Qasemi, who on his own admission disagrees with Waheeduldeen Khan in certain issues, but according to him all the battles of Allah’s Last Rasool SallalLahu-`alayhi Wasallam were, either defensive in nature, or they were not battles at all, but were the deputation of peace. Similarly some  Muslim intellectuals are engaged in research on the subject that Na`uzhubilLah what ever the Holy Quraan contains, the same is to be found in the books of Hindu religion, Ramayin and Mahabharat. Thus a recent new research by the name of Surah Fatihah and Maha Mantar has been published and its Muslim author received a doctorate degree.

It seems that the racist Hindu’s programme of making India Akhand Bharat and Ram Rajyah, cleansing of the Muslim community in India, following the example of Spain, has the support of some Muslim cronies, thus these so called writers and intellectuals are preparing the ground, and doing their utmost to remove every remnant of the Jihad from the hearts and minds of the Indian Muslimun. They are attempting to sow the seeds of bad faith in the hearts and minds of the Muslimun of the world, against the Mujahideen. So when the Muslim-cleansing operation is put into practice, Muslimun of the world would not offer any resistance.

After long and thorough deliberation and giving all the benefit of the doubt, we could not find any other reasons for these Anti-Islam rhetoric and propaganda from these Muslim authors. After having read all the above situations the reader ought to have glimpsed the current state of India, and the Hindu’s objectives, as well as the persecution of the Indian Muslimun. But suddenly and against the perception of the Hindus and the intelligence assessment of their secret agencies RA, IB, and CBI, the awakening of the Indian Muslimun has shattered the Hindu’s dreams. Although they haven’t ceased their actions nor have they changed their policies, they are realising now, that the Muslimun will not be eliminated with such ease as Lal Kirshna Advani, Jug Mohan, Baal Thakre, The Sangh Dynasty and Ashok Singhal have assumed. The conception of the Indian government that the Muslimun of India are “burn out logs” was wishful thinking, and they are finding out to their incredulity that there still are enough sparks of dignity left in the hearts of the Indian Muslimun that can turn in to flame at any moment, and can turn all their plots into ashes.

The Indian secret services were aghast, when they found the evidences of the Indian Muslim youths sacrificing their precious lives inside Kashmir. They also learned from some of the captured Indian Muslim youths, who told them without hesitation that they are fighting the Hindus after realising the bleak future of the Indian Muslimun, and the lack of protection for the Places of Worship, thus they came to Kashmir to fight the Kuffar. In addition the government have found the evidence that the Harkat ul Ansaar enjoys wide support in every corner of India. They also found recorded cassettes of the leaders of the Harkat ul Ansaar. Millions of these cassettes are now successfully being distributed in India. The Indian government is well aware of the fact that the Indian Muslimun have seen the danger at the eleventh hour, which was to befall upon them.

The biggest loss to the morale of the Hindus was the successful operation of the Harkat ul Ansaar in curtailing Amarnath Yatra in Kashmir. This triumph has made it abundantly clear to the Hindus, that Muslimun of India are not orphans and helpless, but other non-Indian Muslimun are also concerned about the well-being and the protection of their brothers in India, and will take any necessary steps on their behalf.

After witnessing the growing awareness and heartfelt commitment to the Jihad, the great intellectual and thinker of the Islamic world Hadhrat Maulana Sayyad Abul Hasan ‘Ali Nadvi RahmatulLahi-`alayh has referred in one of his sermons,  that The Indian Muslimun should not despair, “Insha-Allah, No one will be able to eliminate their existence in India”, indeed on the contrary, in the future Muslimun will hold the reign of power. The prophetic words of Hadhrat Maulana Sayyad Abul Hasan Nadvi RahmatulLahi-`alayh are an evident reference to a bright future. Words of such an eminent intellectual and widely travelled Saint, are definitely not based upon over-optimism or on passing emotions, on the contrary Hadhrat Maulana’s acumen to understand and analyse the situation is a special gift which very few possess.

There is no doubt that during the past forty years the Indian Muslimun, have been administered with heavy doses of tranquillisers, so that their conscience and awareness lay dormant. Many encroachments were made upon their Imaan and their lives. Their economy was seriously mutilated. Various steps were taken to transplant self-confidence with low morals. The respected ‘Ulema and the religious leaders were replaced by corrupt and bent leaders. These opportunist leaders have played such an active part in the fragmentation of the Unity and strength of the Muslimun, that perhaps the fascist Hindus could not do any better themselves. In spite of all this, now the Muslimun of India are once again looking up at their shining past. Aware of the impending danger and preparing themselves to face the situation and their passion for the Jihad and the desire for the Martyrdom is becoming alive once again. And it is also heart warming comfort to them that by the Blessing of Allah Ta`ala they are receiving the external support and assistance in their struggle.

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