Anti-Islamic policies of India Part 02

Jihad, Understanding Jihad (The Mujahid's Guide) / Tuesday, March 30th, 2010
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In addition to the above-mentioned facts, India has introduced for many years, a blind and the most draconian law called Tada, under this anti humane law, sixty thousand Muslimun were put behind bars, without any trial or recourse to the courts. Under this despicable law, prominent and distinguished figures and pious, holy learned men of Islam were thrown into the jails, where they are still awaiting their fate. They have not been allowed any bail applications, nor have they been allowed to retract their confessions, which were obtained under torture by the police. The police have been granted a carte blanche, to hold any one they like indefinitely, in their oppressive prison cells.

In the guise of the ‘Anti-Terrorist Act’ many a Muslims’ Madaaris were levelled to the ground. The world renowned academic institution of Darul-‘Uloom Al Nadwa was raided. Many an Islamic political parties in Karnatak and Tamilnadu were declared unconstitutional.

Presently, there are two kinds of political parties in India, some are openly Anti-Islam, who perceives every Indian Muslim as an agent of Pakistan and her intelligence service ISI, and who do not want the presence of Indian Muslimun in India. Among such political parties (to name but a few) are the BJP (RSS), Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Shiusina, and Bajarangdal are at the top of the list of Anti-Muslim racism. It is worth remembering that some of them are military extremist organisations operating under the banners of political parties.

Some of the political parties are those who openly support Muslimun of India. Among them are the Jantadal Party and Samajwadi Party are prominent. While the Congress Party, CPM and other parties have chosen the middle ground. They have appointed some groups to oppress Muslimun, and the others to apologise to Muslimun, but among the rank and file members of the party, there do exist a number of racist and Anti-Islam elements. Even the Prime Minister Narsimha Rao was affiliated to the dangerous RSS for a considerable period and whether the Congress Party or the Jantadal, the spouses of their leaders vote for the BJP as a religious obligation.

The secret intelligence agency of India’s RA, includes many a racist and extremist Hindu ideologue amongst its staff. Thus among its regular staff, not a single Muslim could be found. However some Hindus are using Muslimun names for their cover. According to the government’s statistic Muslim accounts for more than 11% of the population, while in the government employment the percentage of the Muslim employees is less than 1%. As a matter of fact Muslim population in India is considerably more than the official figures portray.

An analysis of India reveals, that her secret agencies (and more than forty years in power, out of a total of forty five years of Indian independence) the foxy Congress Party, have devised a strategy of handing over the power to the racist BJP. While in government the BJP according to her Anti-Muslim manifesto, will embark upon the genocide of the Muslim population in India and Kashmir and thus force the remaining Muslimun to total subjugation. When such a course would be in full swing, then naturally the whole world and specially other Muslim countries will protest vehemently, which would provide the golden opportunity for the Congress to topple the BJP from power and assume the leadership of India. The whole world would applaud Congress for getting rid of the racist maniacs and their atrocities and genocide. Such a cunning strategy will serve the dual purpose. To get rid of the Hindu opposition parties and to have a submissive Muslim population. Under this devilish programme the Congress is on the one hand, losing her strength and support deliberately, while at the same time providing every facilities and opportunity to BJP to from the next government, so they could carry out Muslim cleansing in India and Kashmir, which is in the short term will bring back the Congress Party to the power and will make them the undisputed and dominant party in government for decades to come. Many an element of this conspiracy are already in place, but furtherance of this conspiracy is suddenly halted by the threat of counter attack by the armed Islamic Movements, which has already been demonstrated by one organisation by halting the Amarnath Yatra.

We should mention here an important fact, that in order to annihilate Muslimun from India following the example of Spain, a process of brain-washing and thought corruption is already being carried out on a vast scale. For example through various channels the following misinformation spread:

1. Islam is a branch of the Hindu religion

2. Muslimun also worship, like Hindus the sholang Na`uzhubilLah Hajar ul Aswad has been compared as a reproductive organ of god.

3. The new generation Muslimun are inferior to hereditary Muslimun to cover-up their abominable and inhumane caste system and in support of such an abominable propaganda the present turmoil in Karachi is cited.

4. Muslim Mughal King Orangzaib ‘Aalamgeer, murdered millions of Hindus. He would not eat breakfast until he burned 150,000 Zannars and he converted Hindu temples into the Masajid and the Musalla.

5. Indian Muslimun should convert to their original fatherland religion, as Islam is an alien religion brought from outside.

6. Islam is a religion that teaches lustful conduct and allows them carnivorous consumption and more than one matrimonial relationship.

Incessant bombardment of these propagandas, coupled with the lack of the learning of the Teaching of Islam in depth, and unavailability of any channel for countering these hateful campaigns, the Muslim laity sometimes become confused, while at other times they fall under their spell as they are unable to refute these obscene propagandas, whereas many a Muslim have accepted these blatant lies. Some of them were brainwashed by these huge obscene campaigns and under these influences they spread such profound insults to other Muslimun that Na`uzhubilLah Allah Ta`ala and Raam and Bhagwan are the same.

With sadness and grief one can observe in India today, that the Hindu religion is synonymous with senseless obscenity only and whose purpose is not the reformation of a human being nor the rectification of the society nor the improvement of the moral and the ethical values of mankind, but the essence of this religion is based solely on self-interest. Whoever gives you anything he is your god, worship him. Subjugate to whoever is powerful, thus harm will not come your way. Trample upon whoever is weak and unfortunate, because he is your share of the booty.

The whole history of the Hindu religion revolves around women and money. Every historical war was raged because of a woman or because of money. Ramayin and Mahabharat which are the Hindus’ sacred books are full of these episodes and tales. Such as how the King of Lanka, Ravan abducted Ram Chandarjee’s wife Seeta, and how Ram endeavoured to regain his wife for fourteen years, and how at long last and after a bloody war he succeeded in her repossession. Bhagwan Kirshna used to steal butter in his childhood and used to chase girls, and so on. Hindus do not have a specific god. A large number of Hindus visit the shrines of Muslim Saints and offer presents to their graves, believing it to be their religion, assuming that these Saints will fulfil their needs. These Hindus who lives on false praise and beg to everybody, in reality they do not have any faith or religion. They are the ones who, upon experiencing the kind-heartedness and generosity of Muhammed bin Qasim were willing to designate him as god. They have slavishly accepted the subjugation of the Muslim Liberators and rulers for centuries. They are now the rulers of India only because of the ‘British conspiracy’ and due to the consent of those Muslim leaders who were the agents of the British, and the enemy of Muslimun.

As soon as the Indians were given the opportunity to rule a big country, they have changed their tune. With the false feelings of majority and power, they are now looking down upon the Indian Muslimun who’s shoes they used to shine up  until yesterday. They are blatantly proclaiming the Hindu religion as the world’s oldest religion and are attempting to defame Islam and falsely exaggerate their baseless religion.

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