Anti-Islamic policies of India Part 01

Jihad, Understanding Jihad (The Mujahid's Guide) / Saturday, March 27th, 2010

On the other hand a self-proclaimed mini superpower, a country whose stench of idolatry and racism is suffocating mankind, India, is gradually posing a grave  threat to the millions of Muslimun in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Maldive Islands, is scared stiff of the Islamic Movements. In the recent past she has reactivated her dormant program of Muslim cleansing from India. Until now India has murdered forty thousand Muslimun in Kashmir and in the length and breadth of India more than eight thousand Anti-Muslim violences have been instigated. It includes those violences, in which the police drag the innocent Muslim youths from the safety of their own homes and sprayed them with bullets, their bodies were thrown into the seas and rivers. May it be Eastern Punjab or Western Bengal, Uttar Pradesh (UP) or Bihar, since the division of the sub-continent up until now, thousands of Masajid have been destroyed. Shiusina’s eunuch like chief Baalthakre has already enforced the restriction upon Muslim pilgrims leaving from Bombay to the Holy City of Makkah for the Hajj. As a result of this obnoxious restriction, for the past two years the Indian government was unable to send pilgrims to Saudi-Arabia from the ports of Bombay. Rashtarya Sevak Singhs’ (RSS), Rajju Bhayya has declared shamelessly that “there is no place for the Muslimun of India, but Pakistan or Qabrastaan (graveyard)”. Second general of Vishwahind Prishad, Ashoke Singhal, after destroying the Babari Masjid, is now openly declaring on oath, to destroy the Masajid of Kaashi and Mathra in the city of Banaras. If this year and the year before the Amaranth Yatra would not have been curtailed by the Harkat ul Ansaar, then by now these two historical Masajid might have met the same destruction as did the Babari Masjid, but as a result of this affective action of halting the Amaraath Yatra, after the destruction of the Babari Masjid, which Allah Ta`ala has bestowed upon the Harkat ul Ansaar, the ministers of the central government of India, had to travel to Kaashi and Mithra and were forced  to protect these Masajid, whereas the Babari Masjid was demolished under the supervision of these same ministers.

Hindu men aside, even the Hindu women are openly declaring of their intentions of chanting their religious slogan of hari rama in all the Masajid of India. Hundreds of thousands Hindus attend regularly the hysterical speeches of Uma Bharti and Sadhvi Rutumbhara and then defiantly and openly, participate in their idolatrous, Anti-Muslim joint resolutions. Today Muslimun of India are living with the same fear and oppression, in which Muslimun of the Soviet Union had lived for a long time. For Muslimun of India, who were the masters of this country in the past, the future seems bleak.

Bharatya Janta Party (BJP), most of whose leaders including Krishna Lal Advani are those who migrated to India after the partition, and who are the extreme racist leaders, are slowly and gradually occupying the seats of power. Besides occupying the seats of government in important states, such as Gujraat, Maharashtar and Rajisthan, they also govern Delhi, and the prediction is that in the 1996 general election they might obtain enough votes to take charge of the central government as well.

In Utter Pradesh during the term of office of this party and under the personal directive of its prime minister Kalyan Singh, the Babari Masjid was demolished, and the Supreme Court of India sentenced him for one day only for such a heinous crime, yet the judiciary still proclaims to the world that “the courts of India are an independent entity, and free from religious bigotry, and the protectors of Muslims’ rights”, while they have provided the proof of their hollow independence and their false integrity to the whole world, by delivering the verdict of the one day sentence to Kalyan Singh.

Just recently, the Supreme Court of India has delivered a most oppressive judgement, by recommending to the government, to enforce a common civil code for the whole of India, the purpose of such a directive is, that Muslimun of India cannot perform their marriages, cannot settle their family problems including divorce and any other transactions according to the Revered Sharee’ah of Islam, but they will be forced to accept the Hindu religious laws because they have committed the crime of living in India.

Among many a mischief’s and bad intentions behind this oppressive recommendation, one mischief and ill-intention is that Hindus perceive as a threat the Revered Sharee’ah of Islam of multiple marriages. They view it as the main cause of the population growth of Muslim community of India, and this threat cannot be tolerated, thus by enforcing a common civil code, Muslimun will be forced to marry once only, against their religious beliefs and the Revered Sharee’ah of Islam. Recently Professor Vijay Kumar Malhotra, the BJP’s member of the Indian assembly, has revealed in the senate “that Muslim population is increasing and Muslimun from Pakistan and Bangladesh are taking residence in India”. There are hidden agendas behind this statement. India’s worsening economy and her financial near-bankruptcy is a well-known fact. Among the countries of the world, India alone is a country where millions are starving, millions have no shelter and are sleeping rough on the street pavements, more than One hundred and fifty thousand are disabled people, and the highest proportion of Aids victims are the Indian. Even the dogs of India are short on bones.

As a matter of fact, the citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh are much better off than the citizens of India, and the remnants of the Islamic Compassion, still do exist in these countries, which do provides some cushion to the populace of Pakistan and Bangladesh, while such virtues do not exist in the Indian society. In view of these facts, how it is possible, and what incentive does India offer, to the people of Pakistan and Bangladesh to reside in India.

The Indian Ministry of Interior (Home Office) has issued a list of a few thousand names of those Muslimun who did not return to Pakistan after entering India. But a close scrutiny of these figures will reveal, that most of the names quoted in the above list include those people who are engaged in the smuggling trade, and who entered India with one passport and left India with a different passport. Thus the list could not disclose their departure from India. Some of the names in the list include those women who got married with a suitable spouse, thus their departure from India does not appear in the list of those who have departed the country. Beside these two situations, no sane and intelligent person would choose to travel from abroad with the intention of permanent residence in India. India is a country where millions of people are yearning to leave their motherland and are actively and eagerly seeking the ways and means to go abroad. In contrast the Pakistani Ministry of Interior alone has a register, which contains two hundred thousand names of the Indian citizens who have applied for residence in Pakistan.

Hinduism and the evils of idolatry has made India a totally unacceptable place for permanent residence, whereas not long ago India was known as ‘the Golden Bird’, when under the Muslim rule there was peace, harmony and affluence. Now India is the one and only country in the whole world where on average ten or more women are burnt alive every day, because of the lack of dowry money. Where a proportion of the female population has declined to such a level that just the mention of it causes shame. From India, obscenity is exported to the rest of the world. Where people sacrifice their lives for a few pieces of silver. Where the streets and market places stink with the odour of alcohol. Where dignity and humanity is auctioned openly. If there is any goodness in this country then it is because of the pious Muslimun of India and because of their piety and devotion to Islam, India is mentioned in the Islamic world with respect. Due to Indian Muslim’s virtuous abilities and honesty, India’s good name is maintained in the world. The aims of Professor Malhotra’s deplorable incitement is none but to cause grief and pain to the Muslimun of India, and under the cover of this accusation the hidden agenda of filling the jails of India with the Indian Muslimun and to destroy the fabric of Muslim communities in India is transparent, otherwise Professor Malhotra is fully aware of the situation in his own country.

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