Jihad, Understanding Jihad (The Mujahid's Guide) / Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Presently the popularity of the Jihad is increasing by leaps and bounds and Insha’Allah, it has a great scope of further expansion in the future. Therefore some insincere and corrupt people will sneak through into the ranks of the Mujahideen and will try to spread their prevailing political poisonous ideologies to the Jihad. Such elements could disturb the Mujahideen’s peace of mind which is the gift of Allah to them, in order to help them face the enemy and build the bound of trust amongst them, but these poisonous influences would divert the Mujahideen from their principle objectives and would turn their attention to useless activities and their precious abilities and time would be spent in trying to calm their angry colleagues and their valuable energies would be wasted in the merry-go-round of the power politics and the jockeying for positions, instead of inflicting losses to the enemy. Therefore only those people ought to be considered for the offices of the Jihad Movements, who have observed death from a close quarter in the battlefield and whose dislike for worldly pleasure is as strong as the distaste for pork and who are imbued to the hilt with the quality of the Taqwa and sacrifice and for whom giving up the office for the participation in the theatre of war is not a disgrace, but a great honour.

By the grace of Allah, such people are available in great numbers, but due to their honest nature they have not been valued highly and they are ignored, while politically astute people, with their false display of activeness and the artful presentation of their negligible skills are entering into the ranks of the Mujahideen and are able to occupy the high offices and causing incalculable damage to the mission of the Jihad.

When political activists declare their desires to work with the Mujahideen, then they should be put through a rigorous training schedule. They should be drilled thoroughly. It should be made crystal clear to them that while the Muslim Ummah is suffering persecution and unspeakable suffering, then it is not permissible for any Muslim to think of his own interests. These are the times for sacrifices and for giving, but not for taking. It is neither the time nor the place for any materialistic pursuit, but only for the sacrifice of the life itself.

When such passions are fully accepted and understood and when the passion for sacrificing their lives in the path of Allah, takes hold of them and when the distaste for the trivial self-interest becomes predominant then and only then they ought to be permitted to utilise all their old and new faculties for the benefit of Islam and the Muslims.

As for the system practised in the Tableegh Jama’at. It is also not possible for the Jihad organisations to adopt it in its entirety. The Jihad Movements have to use every available means to fight the powerful and well organised enemy. This is totally in line with the commandments of Allah . Allah has commanded us, “to gather all the means available to us against the enemies”. These resources, include the use of mass information and propagation. The Mujahideen needs the broadcasting and publication channels. The inertia of the Ummah, concerning the Jihad need to be broken. For such a task, a massive campaign for the Jihad has to be launched. Meetings and assemblies have to be arranged. Posters need to be placed at every advantageous points. Leaflets need to be distributed regularly. Booklets need to be published. Recorded cassettes need to be provided. And all these resources ought to be utilised as much as possible. The wars of today are much less won in the battlefields than through the mass media. Thus it is essential for the Mujahideen to use these vital resources within the perimeter of the Revered Sharee`ah. The organisation of the Jihad has many compartments and sections and every section is important and sensitive, therefore the smooth and affective running of these sections depends upon the appointment of various officials.

The Jihad Movements, unlike the Tableegh Jama’at, cannot be alienated from the national political events nor with the national political development. They have to keep a watchful eye on the national political activities and the changing patterns of the policies. Occasionally, in the interest of Islam and the Muslims, they have to intervene effectively in the national politics, but keeping it to a minimum. In the light of these two facts, (unsuitability of the political system and the structure of the Tableegh Jama’at) the Jihad Movements, after a careful and thorough study of the two systems, ought to devise such a constitution that will serve the affairs and the interests of the Jihad effectively.

This constitution will take into account on the one hand, the amplitude of the political system, the need for departmental divisions, the observation of the national and international political map of the world, and the affective utilisation of the means of mass media, and on the other hand, the purely religious and devotional spirit, the obedience without any qualms, the structure of routing out unrequired dissension and selfishness and the constant hard work of the Tableegh Jama’at. Such a constitution or fundamental policy should not be confined to words only, but it should be made an integral part of the leader’s and the members’ thoughts and deeds. Insha-Allah, this will produce those results, which the Muslim Ummah needs desperately.

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