A Woman Staying Alone In A Non-Muslim Country

Contemporary Fatawa, Fiqh, Women & Family / Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Q 6. Some Muslim women and young girls take up residence in non-Muslim countries either to pursue a career in modern education or to earn their living. Sometime, they would live alone and at others, they might share a home with non-Muslim women. What is the Islamic view on Muslim women living alone or sharing a residence with non-Muslim women? Is it permissible under the Islamic religious law?

A. 6: As stated in our answer to Question No. 5 appearing above, a Muslim woman is not permitted to travel alone without a Mahram to non-Muslim countries whether it be for employment or education. Similarly, it is also impermissible to stay there. But, if a woman had travelled to some non-Muslim country with her Mahram and had taken up residence there as a citizen but later on either the Mahram of this woman died there or for some reason that Mahram traveled away from there to some other place and that woman was left all alone. In this situation, there is no problem if this woman were to stay there alone of course, subject to the condition that she abides by the legal hijab requirement while living there.

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