A story of Shaikh Shibli (The great saint)

Chapter 04 - The meaning of Hajj, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

I wish to end this chapter with a story related by the author of ‘Ithaaf’.

Once one of the mureeds of Sheikh Shilbi; the great saint; came to visit him after having performed Haj. The Sheikh asked him some questions. The mureed continues the story:

The Sheikh asked me: “Did you make a determined niyah for Haj?”

I replied: “Yes I made a firm intention for performing Haj.”

Sheikh: “Together with having made a firm intention for Haj; did you also have a firm niyah of forever giving up doing all those things you did since you were born that are opposed to the spirit of Haj?”

I replied: “No, I did not.”

Sheikh: “In that case you had no niyah for Haj”. Then he said: “At the time of entering into the Ihraam, did you remove your clothing?”

I replied: “Yes, I did”.

Sheikh: “At the time did you pledge to remove from you everything save Allah?”

I replied: “No I did not”.

Sheikh: “In that case you did not remove your clothing”. ” Did you cleanse yourself by means of ghusl and wudhu?”

I replied: “Yes I did clean myself in that manner”.

Sheikh: “At that time did you also become cleansed from all evil and faults?”

I replied: “No, that I cannot say”.

Sheikh: “In that case you did not cleanse yourself”. ” Did you recite Labbaik?”

I replied: “Yes, I did recite labbaik”.

Sheikh: “Did you at that time hear the answers of Labbaik from Allah?”

I replied: “NO, I received no reply”.

Sheikh: “In that case what kind of Lab’baik did you recite?” “Did you enter the Holy Haram?” (i.e. the area around Mecca).

I replied: “Yes, I did”.

Sheikh: “Did you at that time pledge to leave aside every Haram (prohibited) act forever?”

I replied: “No, I did not”.

Sheikh: “Then you did not enter the area of the Haram Sharief at all”. “Did you visit Mecca?”

I replied: “yes, I did’.

Sheikh: “When you did; did you also see the Hereafter?”

I replied: “No, I did not see anything.”

Sheikh: “Then you did not visit Mecca”. “Did you enter the Holy Mosque?”

I replied: “Yes, I did”.

Sheikh: “Did you then, on entering felt the nearness of Allah/”

I replied: “No, did not”.

Sheikh: “Then you never actually entered the Masjid”. “Where you present at the Ka’bah?”

I replied: “Yes I was”.

Sheikh: “Did you then see that entity; due to which the Ka’bah is visited?’

I replied: “No, I saw nothing”

Sheikh: “Then you never saw the Ka’bah”. “Did you perform ramal at the time of tawaaf around the Ka’bah” (Ramal signifies a running motion).

I replied: “Yes”.

Sheikh: “Did you at that time flee from this world in such a manner that you felt you were completely out of this world?”

I replied: “No”

Sheikh: “In that case you did not perform ramal”. “Did you place your hands on the black stone and kiss it?”

I replied: “Yes, I did”.

The Sheikh then became very pale and greatly frightened, so much so that a shriek passed from him, and he said; “Woe unto you; Rasulullah Sal’am has said; “Whoever places his hands on the black stone, is like him who actually shook hands with Allah; and whoever shakes the hand of Allah shall in every way remain safe from all things”. “Did you then feel anything about that security?’

I replied: “No, I did not’.

Sheikh: ” Then you did not touch the black stone. “Did you perform two rak’akhs at he Maqaam-e-Ibrahim?”

I replied: “Yes I did”.

Sheikh: “You were at that particular time placed on a high rank by Allah; did you carry out what is due for that high rank; for which you stood there?”

I replied: “No I did nothing”.

Sheikh: “In that case you did not perform salaah at the Maqaam-e-Ibrahim”. “Did you perform Sa’ee between Safaa and Marwa; and did you ascend the Safaa?”

I replied: “Yes”.

Sheikh: “And what did you do there?”

I replied: “I recited takbeer, thrice; and prayed to Allah to accept my Haj”.

Sheikh: “Did the angels also recite the takbeer with you?”, and “Did you have any knowledge of the significance of your own takbeers?”

I replied: “No”.

Sheikh: “Then you descend; did you feel all evil and every weakness departing from you, and inner cleanliness entering yourself?”

I replied: “No”.

Sheikh: “Then you never ascended Safa nor descended from it”. “Did you run between Safa and Marwa?”

I replied: “Yes”.

Sheikh: “At that time of running, did you feel yourself running away from everything else; beside Allah; and reaching Him?” (Referring to the Qur’anic verse; Surah Shu’ra; “And I fled from you when I feared You”, and Allah in another place also says: “And flee towards Allah”.)

I replied: “No’.

Sheikh: “Then you never ran”. “Did you ascend Marwa?”

I replied: “Yes”.

Sheikh: “While on Marwa; did you acquire great inner calmness and peace, that descended upon you?”

I replied: ‘No’

Sheikh: “Then you never ascended Marwa”. “Tell me, did you proceed to Mina?”

I replied: “I did”.

Sheikh: “while you were there did you attain such hopes in Allah that have nothing to do with evil?”

I replied: “No”.

Sheikh: “Then you never went to Mina”. “Did you visit Masjid-ul-Khaif?”

I replied: “Yes”

Sheikh: “And did you then experience such fear for Allah that you never ever experienced before?”

I replied: “No”

Sheikh: “Then you never entered Masjid-ul-Khaif”. “Did you reach the plain of Arafaat?”

I replied: “Yes”.

Sheikh: “And on Arafaat, did you recognize the cause for your coming into this world what you are doing here and where you shall proceed to afterwards; and did you recognize the thing that points towards these things?”

I replied: “No”.

Sheikh: “Then you never visited Arafaat”. “Did you visit Muzdalifah?”

I replied: “Yes”.

Sheikh: “And did you remember Allah there; so much so that everything else was forgotten; as Allah has mentioned?” (Referring to the Qur’anic verse: “And remember Allah at the Mash’arul Haraam plain of Muzdalifah’.)

I replied: “No”

Sheikh: “In that case you never reached Muzdalifah” “Did you perform Qurbani at Mina?”

I replied: “Yes”

Sheikh: “Did you then sacrifice your own self?”

I replied: “NO”

Sheikh: “Then you performed no Qurbani”. “Did you perform Rami?” (Pelting the Shaytaan).

I replied: “Yes”.

Sheikh: “With every stone that you threw, did you feel yourself shaking off you every form of ignorance and feel your knowledge increasing?”

I replied: “No”.

Sheikh: “Then you did not actually perform Rami”. “Did you perform the Tawaaf-e-Ziyaarah?”

I replied: “Yes”.

Sheikh: “did you experience any spiritual enlightenment at that time; and from Allah did honor and respect descend upon you?” for Rasulullah Sal’am said: “One who performs Haj, or one who performs umra is Allah’s guest; and when visits someone it is only right that he should be honored”.

I replied: “No, I experienced nothing”.

Sheikh: “Then you never actually performed Tawaaf-e-Ziyaraah”. “Did you then release yourself from Ihraam?’

I replied: “Yes”.

Sheikh: “Did you at that time promise to adhere to strictly Halaal earnings at all times?’

I replied: “NO”

Sheikh: “In that case you did not become Halaal”. (Released from Ihraam) “Did you perform the farewell tawaaf?”

I replied: “Yes”.

Sheikh: “did you then say a complete farewell to your whole self, desires and passions?”

I replied: ‘No”

Sheikh: “Then you did not perform Tawaaf-ul-Widaa”. “Go back and perform Haj again; and perform it in the manner which I have described to you”.

I have related this lengthy conversation to illustrate what type of Haj the saintly ones do perform. May Allah in His infinite grace and mercy grant us all that type of Haj. Aameen.

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