A Heart Undivided

Akhlaq & Spirituality, Striding in Allah’s Shade - Enriching Lives / Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Fortunately, when the tongue will remember Him much, then naturally the heart too will be stirred in the same course. This will facilitate this heart to be undivided between what matters and what does not. At times a person is so embedded in the eventful, day-to-day grind of this life; be it at work or a classroom, he might be listening to the teacher’s lecture but his mind is engaged elsewhere. And more often than not, the thought that does not leave him is exactly what the focus of his life is. Likewise, in the villages, there are women who carry two, three water pots on their heads. Every so often even four. Their path is crooked, amid highs and lows, but they carry on; even talking and laughing with eachother as they tread along. Nonetheless, their hearts are well acquainted with the primary fact that there is water on their heads.


So is the case of a Momin. He is occupied in worldly affairs, but whenever, wherever, he recognizes his connection with his Allah to be weakening, it immediately strikes him: Allah is near, very near. And when Allah is near, how in all the rational spheres, he be the one to lose hope? That’s for those who have nothing to look forward to. So this can never be the approach to which a believer draws on. For in his mind there is this Almighty being. Consequently he never feels lonesome. Instead is, for ever and a day, brimming with trust and belief.

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