34) The Pimp and the One Who Permits his Wife to Fornicate

Beliefs & Practices, Major Sins / Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Allah Most High says,

“The adulterer cannot have sexual relations with any but an adulteress or an idolatress, and the adulteress, none can have sexual relations with her but an adulterer or an idolater; to the believers such a thing is forbidden.” (An-Nur: 3)

On the authority of ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘V mar (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (pbuh) said,

“Three persons shall not enter Paradise: The one who is disobedient to his parents, he who lets his wife to fornicate with another, and the woman who imitates men.”( Hakim)

He (pbuh) also said,

“Three persons are prevented from entering Paradise (by Allah): The drunk, the one who is disobedient to is parents and the pimp who supports the immorality of his wife.” (Al-Nasa’i)

Someone who suspects his wife if indecency but pretends not to know because he loves her is not as bad as someone who actually pimps for her. There is no good in a man without jealousy for his rights.

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